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Sunday, December 28, 2008

The Greatest Gift

Have you ever looked back to when you were growing up and remember those times when you just wished so badly you were the only child? I can remember wishing I was the only child when my big brother would pick on me, or we'd get in a fight over something silly like who ate the last of the Golden Grahams. But, isn't it ironic to look back on those times and realize that God really was taking care of you? I can remember a lot more the times I enjoyed with my brothers than I can remember the times I wished I was the only child. I can remember playing with micro machines, touch football and early morning chicken pickin duties than I can remember silly fights.

Now that I have Carli Lynn - God seems to show me more and more how much he has blessed me with my siblings. Andy married an amazing woman - Michelle. Michelle and I are so different, but really we have a lot in common. Without her help, words of encouragement and emails - I'm not sure I would have survived my pregnancy! And now, you talk about an awesome Aunt! Carli Lynn is one lucky little girl! Her Aunt Chelle is going to have her so spoiled!

I'm very grateful for both Andy and Michelle. They have both been such an amazing source of encouragement to Keith and I. Andy and Keith couldn't be more different - but both Andy & Anthony made the ultimate sacrifice and took up golf - and now they golf...I know it was such a tough thing to do! ha!

Then there is Uncle Tone. He is an amazing fellow! He loves his nephew and niece so much - he helps us document their first years and does an amazing job! He has such a soft heart - and I love him for that!

Yes, God knew that giving me two brothers was what I needed. Gone are the days when I wished to be the only child - and now are the days when I am amazed with my family and how much they mean to me! So thank you to my brothers for calling me to check on things, for asking about how my week is going and for caring. Thank you to a wonderful sister-in-law and the world's best Aunt for your guidance into motherhood, your love of my little girl and our family! And thank you to my little nephew, Logan, who is just as cute as he can be! One day Carli Lynn will be chasing after you to give you a hug too!!

Truly - my family is one of the Greatest Gifts ever!

Carli Lynn and the cutest little hat ever! Thanks Aunt Chelle!!

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Friday, December 26, 2008

Merry Christmas to All and to All a Goodnight!

Christmas in our home is never really on a specific day - it is more of a holiday spread out over a couple of weeks. We celebrate our families and get together with them and enjoy their company - so for the Hays' household, tonite is another Christmas Eve - tomorrow, we celebrate with Grammy, Pa, Uncle Andy, Aunt Chelle, Logan and Uncle Tone...should be fun!

Carli enjoying a bedtime reading from Daddy in her Christmas PJ's

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Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Christmas Eve Day - by Carli Lynn

Carli Lynn's first Christmas Eve Day...

I am not sure what this Christmas Eve is all about - but I'm pretty excited about it!!
My Daddy got to stay home with me - and we played and played and played! Momma says I am the spitting image of Daddy...I don't see it, do you?
After playing so hard with Daddy, I had to have a wardrobe change - blow outs happen, even on Christmas Eve day! But I didn't mind, I like changing clothes!
Now that I got my new clothes on - Momma and Daddy decided to measure me - 24 inches long! I'm a 2 footer! Momma says I won't be wearing this outfit again...I barely fit in it!
Playing is hard work - I love my floor gym, and I played so hard this afternoon I fell asleep in mid yank!
Woohoo! Christmas pajamas! Thanks Aunty Ashley! I really like them!
What in the world is this thing??
I think I'm bigger than this Christmas tree! I'm not sure what presents will fit under it! Good thing I'm going to see Grammy and Naggy soon!
Good night everyone! Time to go to bed so Santa will come visit!!

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Tuesday, December 23, 2008

My How We Have Grown!

Remember this picture? This is Carli Lynn with Allie Marie a day or two after Allie was born. The girls are exactly 3 weeks apart in age...

Fast forward to last night - look how much they have grown! Allie was two months on the 21st of the month and Carli is about 2.75 months old in this picture...

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Monday, December 22, 2008

Happy Merry Early Christmas!!

Since it seems to have been awhile since I posted last - I thought I'd squeeze on in between Carli's play and nap time. Christmas is getting close and finally I'm starting to get into that holiday spirit. I love Christmas b/c of the time we get to spend with family and even more so this year b/c we get to share Carli with everyone! It is going to be fun! On Christmas day we are going to my Aunt Carolyn's house to celebrate with that side of the family. Carli gets to meet her cousin Cindy for the first time too. Then Friday, we are doing family pics with Grammy, Pa, Uncle Andy, Aunt Chelle, Cousin Logan and Uncle Tone - cross your fingers on good baby pictures! On Saturday, we have Christmas with everyone we took pictures with...then we leave for Amarillo on New Years Eve and to celebrate with Pappy, Naggy, Uncle Kevin and Megan...busy couple of weeks - should be fun!!

So, I started this post this afternoon and it is now 9 pm and I'm just finishing it! We just got back from our church Christmas party - where Carli showed her true colors and screamed...screamed an awful lot! So we had to leave early and come home...the little toot fell asleep in the car on the 2 minute trip home. She is still asleep in her car seat...nope, we didn't risk taking her out!

Enough typing - now for some pictures...

This is her new eating/sleeping pose:

Helping Daddy cook breakfast

Such a big girl in our bumbo chair!

We were getting ready for bed one night and could not find WT - he was in the bedroom the whole time waiting patiently for someone to come fill up his water bowl!

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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

100th Post

First - thanks so much for all the birthday wishes! It was a great day!

Hard to believe this is our 100th post! Kind of cool! Not only are we celebrating my ability to keep a blog updated, but also we are celebrating that Carli slept all night in her crib last night! I was very excited! She has been sleeping through the night for a while now, but she slept in a cradle in our room. Our "hell" week (the week before last) when we were working so hard on naps, was hard in part b/c I was trying to get her to take them in her crib which she was totally against. Our hard work paid off, because when we spent our week in Alto Carli slept all night every night in the room next to me in a crib. It was totally worth the effort!

Here are a few pictures from our week in Alto - it was fun having 'girl' time with Grammy!

Merry Christmas Everyone!
Carli before church on Sunday.
Carli got to spend a lot of time with her Great Grandma this past week - Grandma is really good at rocking Carli to sleep!

Carli also got to meet her Great-Aunt Olene for the first time.

Watching Straight No Chaser's with Grammy on Uncle Tone's computer

Uncle Tone came home from college on Saturday - Carli had to share him with Shea

We seriously love our thumb!

Blacky wasn't too sure about sharing Grammy's lap with Carli
Carli's first snow!

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Monday, December 15, 2008

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Carli Lynn Playing on the Floor Gym

We've been in Alto all week while Keith is in Reno at a conference. We've stayed busy - not taken many pictures b/c Keith has our camera, but we did take this video. Carli has started really loving her floor gym this week. She plays on it in hour increments three or four times a day. Life is good for Carli! More pictures later of Carli enjoying her week with Grammy, 5 puppy dogs and visits to see Grandma and Pawpaw...

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Friday, December 5, 2008

2 Month Check Up

Carli had her 2 month check up today - here is what we learned:

She weighed in the 75% of her age at 10 lbs 15 oz - again, I apologize to my mom as I was 10 lbs and 13 oz at birth!

For height, she may have inherited the tall gene from her Great Grandmother and Great Grandfather - she was 23.5 inches long which was in the 96% for her age.

We also got our vaccines - which did not make her happy but we survived. Was also told that while she may not want to take naps some days that is okay - and to keep working at it. But I'm thinking she won't be a 4 nap a day baby - two good ones is what it is looking like for her. We still have a lot to learn and figure out about that - keep praying for us!

Before our shots, we were very happy!

See we can nap eventually!

And are very happy when we do get a nap in!

Keith and Dad are headed out for a whole week in Tahoe - not to ski though. They are going to this thing called CEO Space and it is a week long cram session for entrepreneurs. I'm kind of jealous but am glad they are going. I'm sure they will learn a lot. I think Mom and I are ready for them to be gone - it takes a lot of planning to get men packed and prepared for a week by themselves! ha! Carli and I are packing up too and headed to Alto for the week with Grammy - Grammy, Resa, Carli and 5 dogs - it should be fun!

Bonus Picture - Carli Lynn has very interesting hands!

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Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Our Challenging Week

This week is our "challenging" week - granted it is self imposed, but it is tough. Carli is suppose to be taking 4 naps a day! No kidding - and these last two weeks, we celebrate with one! So after much debate, we are trying to do the Cry It Out method. We are trying to get on some kind of routine so that maybe she will take these naps. The best we can figure - she isn't napping b/c she is over stimulated - but nothing we have found has told us how to "un - over stimulate" her! Any suggestions?

She looks like her dad, but she got her momma's stubbornness. She doesn't want to take naps...they are of no interest to her and she will cry that 45 minutes to an hour if we think she should be napping. It is tough - and she ends up wearing herself out crying and then falls asleep eating. I haven't figured this out yet - but we are open for advice for sure. We are trying to stick this out - better now than later - right?!

Not to disappoint - here are pictures from our Thanksgiving at the Hays' family get together.

Family Picture
The Family Picture (Carli was not happy)
Hanging out with cousin Keegan - he is exactly 3 weeks older than her
Uncle Kevin LOVES me!!
Shew - traveling is tiring - hanging out with Dad on the couch!
If nothing else - pray for our patience! :) And our hearts, b/c they sure do break when she is crying!

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