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Friday, July 31, 2009

Woohoo! It's Friday!

Wow - where did this week go?! Carli is doing much much better and is eating and eating and eating. None of this eating involves baby food b/c after all we are 1 day away from being 10 months old and 10 month olds don't need baby food - or so Carli tells me. So we end up tearing bites up of food from our plates small enough for her to gum b/c she has no teeth yet.

Here is a video from yesterday - we went to Alto and Carli had a blast with her Grammy. So much so she didn't want to nap which resulted in a major tantrum. It was fun - I think I may have a drama queen on my hands. My dad said that I was reaping what I sowed...nice. :) Anyway - enjoy our girl. She is a handful!

P.S. Naggy is coming today! Woohoo! Wish Pappy could have joined her, but she is coming to the rescue so that Keith and I can do some major painting this wkd. Grammy and Pa are out of town and it was the perfect excuse to get Naggy to come for a quick visit!

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Wednesday, July 29, 2009


Well, the rest of the day went really well. We didn't have any more sick episodes and she actually took a good nap for me this afternoon. So maybe **fingers crossed** she just ate way too much and her little tummy couldn't handle it after having not eaten for a week.

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We just threw up ALL our breakfast - blast! I'm hoping that she just ate too much. I don't know...

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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

We're Eating!

Woohoo! Carli is feeling so much better and we are so grateful! The doctor wasn't kidding when she said that Carli would eat us out of house and home when she started feeling better! Today she ate all day long.

Breakfast: Applesauce with yogurt and cereal & nursed
Snack: Lots and lots of puffs, a quarter of a banana
Lunch: Green Beans, Turkey, 1/2 roll, a quarter of a banana & nursed
Snack: Lots and lots of puffs, a quarter of a banana, half a plum, half a mini toasted bagel & probably a quarter of Grammy's grilled cheese sandwich, plus another roll (more than half went to the dogs)
Dinner: Sweet Potato, Bread, Squash, Ham (all off of Momma's plate) & nursed

Carli apparently has got a new eating technique when it comes to eating her baby food - when she decides that the baby food is worth eating that is...

P.S. This is our 100th post of 2009! Crazy!

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Saturday, July 25, 2009

We Almost Made It

It was a day of greats in the Hays' household.

We started off the day with a great sleeping-in party until 8 am...a rare feat these days. I do admit that we cheated and brought Carli to our room when she woke up at 6:30 for her to cuddle with us. But 8 am is 8 am...it was great!

Then it was time to enjoy a great breakfast of pancakes. We overcame the shortage of milk and syrup on top of having no sausage...we had Dr. Pepper - so really all was well! On top of that, Carli ate some breakfast and kept it down...so it was a great breakfast!

We had a list to accomplish today so we set about doing it. First on the list was to mow the backyard (we had already finished the front yard the night before). But the lawn mower wanted nothing to do with that. He refused to start. So we load the little stinker up and took him to the lawn mower ER. He needed his blades sharpened anyway. In Keith's world, this was a great thing b/c he didn't have to mow today!

We kicked off our first weekend at home in forever with a some cleaning. Our poor house has been horribly neglected the last few weeks. We cleaned our bathroom, our bedroom, Carli's bedroom and the guest room. And when I say clean, I'm not kidding. We shampooed carpets, dusted ceiling fans, cleaned showers...we really did clean. I would call it a semi deep cleaning...and you know why it was great? Because my house smells clean and loved...and that's great! :)

About 3:30 this afternoon our energy was hitting a wall, so we loaded up Carli who had refused to take a nap but on a bright note had eaten some lunch and off we headed to Sonic. Do I really need to explain this great moment?! :)

We came home, we cleaned a little more, Carli finished her nap, we played and we cooked dinner...

Carli didn't want dinner, but was in a good mood and had a "dirty diaper" and while the greatness of this feat may be lost on some, we saw it as progress as perhaps this bug she had was finally moving on. Keith said, "Well, if there was a bug in her little tummy, I guarantee it didn't survive that trip!" ha!

Carli did nurse okay and she was in a good mood playing. I was talking to my Mom, Keith was laying on the floor and suddenly we hear a faint cough. And here the moment of greatness really does supersede itself...I pick up Carli and we make it to the kitchen sink (which miraculously has no dishes in it) and she gets sick...in the sink...on the side with the disposal! Really, in a Mom's world...despite the fact that my child got sick...that was greatness...

So - Carli did make it all day without getting sick. She did really well. She had fun and was in an awesome mood - only tonite it just wasn't too be. She only took 1.5 cups of juice today...and then vomited all her lunch and dinner...so we are watching her close to make sure she doesn't dehydrate. Needless to say - we won't make church tomorrow. She will probably feel okay - but we just don't know if she is contagious and we don't want to expose all the other babies there to her crud.

So our day of greatness came to a brick wall about 7:30...hopefully tomorrow things will look up!

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Friday, July 24, 2009

Who Cried Wolf?!

Well, we headed off to the doctor for our very first "sick" visit this morning. Carli was grumpy, feverish and rather mad at me for making her get into the car. She had been quite content to lay in her crib in her diaper and cuddle with Froggy. Anyway, off we went to the doctor picking up Keith on the way. He commented that she still felt warm and looked miserable. We get to the doctor, we wait about 15 minutes, in which time a miracle takes place. Carli slowly begins to come out of her "misery" and starts playing. She laughs, she talks, she insists on walking all over the place. Keith says, well, at least she is still warm - and our name gets called.

They weighed her in - she was 16 lbs 9 oz - she had lost almost a pound since we had been there last month. And that was being weighed with her diaper and clothes on. Off we went to the little examining room...and this is what Carli did while she anxiously awaited to see her doctor:

Then to top that off, she decided that perhaps she should eat something. And not only was she determined to eat, she would feed herself! She did this on Wednesday but had not done it since, nor had she eaten anything really since...go figure. Is it the child's creed to make the parents look like they've made it all up?!

So the doc determines it is a tummy bug and to not worry with feeding her solids until she wants them. That as long as she nurses and will drink her juice/water she is okay. She told us we had a fun wkd in store b/c diarrhea usually follows with these bugs...wonderful! Carli smiled for her and thought her stethoscope was pretty awesome.

Carli and I came home, where she decided that her act was over and she would be a miserable baby again. It took me an hour and a half to get her to pretend to sleep for 45 minutes...exhausting. Then she clang to Keith or I all evening. I opted to mow the yard tonite and Keith did the bedtime duties...it took awhile for her to go to sleep.

But not to depart on a negative note - Carli is experimenting with new grins...this is our favorite so far:

How can you not smile at that?! Have a great wkd!

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Sprinklers, Food & Doctors...oh my!

I think I am going to have one of the those children who is fine one minute and the next you are covered in vomit! That is what Carli did to me twice on Wednesday. But yesterday, we were fine. We played, we napped, we did fine. She has refused to eat any food for the most part since the beginning of the week. Actually, she started refusing baby food last week, but I could get her to eat what we were eating and all was okay. But she has moved to not wanting anything at all - not good. Got up this morning and she had a fever - not a high one, but definitely warm. I attempted to feed her breakfast and then Keith was wiping her face off and she vomited again. So we called the doc and we will go in in about an hour. Really, she hasn't been sick for the past 9 months, so I guess we were due some kind of illness, huh? The vomiting doesn't bother me near as much as her refusing to eat.

I started this post to put up a video from yesterday of us playing in the sprinkler. She was really cute trying to walk through the sprinkler, but that required my help and I could not video and help her walk. Instead, she opted to be on video and share with you all why she loves water so much. This was an impromptu sprinkler play date, thus we simply stripped her down to her diaper so she could play!

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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

It's Official - I'm a Mom

Puked on twice in one day...yep, I've been inducted into motherhood officially...

Didn't figure you guys would need pictures in order to sympathize with me.

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Friday, July 17, 2009

We have a crawler!

Yes, it is true - Carli has started crawling and has not looked back! She moved forward a grand total of 6 inches last Saturday according to Uncle Tone. Then on Sunday she perfected her style, by Monday there was no stopping her. She finally has figured out that she can get what she wants and quit crying and fussing at me the whole time she crawls.

Here is a video that took me 5 days to record b/c she simply would not crawl when we got the camera out. But she is fascinated with the phone, so I tricked her and had Grammy sing to her with the phone across the room - Success! Carli crawling on camera!!

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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Can you say "Flexible?"

As part of our new found ability to pull up and sit up in bed, bedtime and naptime have become a little more complicated. So, Keith and I got out our handy little guide, "Sleep Sense," and started reading. Sure enough, there was a section on when your baby starts pulling up. I learned I was doing it all wrong. That it was okay to let them pull up and sit up in bed, that they have to learn that to sleep they must lay down. That going in to check on them every 5 to 10 minutes or so to lay them down was acceptable. And that at times, they may even dose off while they sit or stand (dosing while standing is not good, but an issue we address by leaving the door cracked and looking in on her every few minutes). So, tonite we started and she rolled, she sat up, she stood up. We let her and went and laid her down after 10 minutes. She got mad, we told her we loved her and that it was bedtime and left. We checked on her through out our dinner prep, and she was sitting up talking to her Frog and Caterpillar. When dinner was ready, we went to check on her before sitting down to eat...this is what we found...

Can you say - FLEXIBLE?

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Monday, July 13, 2009

One Step Closer...

Last Thursday, Carli and I went to Alto as we always do. Around one, I took Carli up for her nap. Grammy has a crib upstairs and that is where Carli has been taking her afternoon naps while we are there. So, we go up, we do our routine - we sing, we read a book, we love on Froggy...we lay down. I go downstairs. Usually, Carli will fuss a little, but not longer than 10 minutes. So when she got to the 10 minute mark and was still mad, I went to check on her to find her standing up in the crib, looking down the stairs and hollering for someone to come rescue her!

So that night, Keith and I moved her bed down. Good thing, b/c since then when I put her down for a nap, I have to go in there at least twice to lay her back down. Today's nap was 2 hrs long...1 hr and 30 minutes of which she went from rolling around, to sitting up and talking, to standing up and talking to yelling at me to rescue her...and repeat!

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Friday, July 10, 2009

Three Quarters of a Year Old...

How to entertain a baby at the doctor's office:

Carli had her 9 Month Check up a little early. We went in before we left for Amarillo back in June. Carli was pulling on her year a lot - and seeing as to how we were about to fly on 4 airplanes in less than 3 days, we thought it be best to make sure her ears were okay before subjecting all the other passengers to a perhaps cranky baby. So Keith got her an appt, and I managed to get them to do her 9 Month Checkup as well.

The results were - her ears are perfectly healthy. She is teething - no teeth to date...but she pulls on her ears b/c she is teething...so that is okay there.

Our 9 Month Stats are:

17 lbs 5 oz - 30th Percentile
28 inches TALL - 70th Percentile

So from her 6 month appt to this one, she grew about 2 inches and gained about 2 lbs...

She also went from a short squat baby (like her Momma) to a tall skinny baby (like neither of her parents). Interesting...

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Thursday, July 9, 2009

Our Day in Video...

Carli was quite the camara diva yesterday...

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Wednesday, July 8, 2009

The Fourth

For the fourth - we went to Houston County Lake to play on Grammy's boat. I was super excited b/c last Fourth I was very pregnant and did not get to play on the boat at all. So this time, we all had fun. We all went tubing and swam/floated in the lake. Here's some pictures to highlight our wkd:

Our First Boat Ride
She was a little difficult to hold on to in her life vest/suit.
She LOVED to stand by the side of the boat and look at the water - we tried to get her to turn around and smile and instead we got this really - "Come on Dad" look!
Aren't they cute?!
She LOVED to float in the lake!
Saturday nap with Dad
Fascinated with Pa's Hat
Fits Carli Perfectly!
My Favorite Picture from the Wkd - check out the curls!
I really like this one too.
Getting some kisses from Logan
Sunday Afternoon Swim
Barely made it off the boat before giving into exhaustion!

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Okay so I am a little behind in posts - but in my defense I've gotten the picture site updated! So, take a glance over there if you need a little Carli fix. Lots going on this week - so will post about our 9 month check up and fourth of July as soon as I am allowed to sit still long enough! :)

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Thursday, July 2, 2009

Put it in Gear - Forward

So Carli has had a walker probably for a little over a month now - but she only will push backwards in it. Lately she gets flat mad if you attempt to put her in her jumper or walker b/c I guess she thinks we are confining her. She is much much happier if you would just hold her little hands and help her walk. She seriously would do that all day if our backs could take it. So, I was so happy today when she finally figured out that she can move forward in her walker!!!

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