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Saturday, April 15, 2017

Be Pretty

Ava always asks me to leave her messages on her chalkboard by her bed - today, I told her to be pretty.

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Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Those Eyes

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Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Softball Buddies

It's that time of year and we've been practicing softball since January.  A tournament is just around the corner and while we are anxious to play...

It's a lot of fun to watch Carli start to "get it" and really enjoy playing on the field...

And make awesome friends!  One of her favorite things to do is go to practice then go to Gateway (travel center gas station) and have a slushie with her buddy Rylee T. after practice!

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Monday, March 20, 2017

Cool Dude

Drew's personality is really starting to come out and it is so much fun to watch!  He wanted to wear sunglasses like Keith while waiting for me to quit visiting and get in the car so we could go home!

And at some point I blinked and he was big enough to climb on to the playset all by himself...

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Saturday, March 18, 2017

Happy Birthday Pa!

Always a phone call away, and a hug to make my day. He shares his faith, his heart, his love, his all. He raised me to be strong and compassionate through his example of being just that. He makes me smile. He gives me hope. He loves my Momma and still holds her hand and takes her on dates. He loves my children with the same sparkle in his eye that my Pawpaw had and I know the mischief and fun they all have together. He's always been my Daddy - the one who loved me first and he'll always be my hero. I love you Dad. Happy Birthday!

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Friday, March 17, 2017

A Very Busy Friday

The last week day of Spring Break and we had it packed full!  Rylee T. spent the night with us.  After doing a combo hitting practice with Coach Jeff and accompanying Carli to pitching practice Thursday night, all three girls slept all night long.  They even put themselves to bed!  That's a sleepover pattern I could get use to!  Friday morning after a yummy breakfast of cinnamon rolls, Keith took all three girls to Bless Your Art for a morning full of painting and creativity while Drew and I went to Alto.  Drew spent the day with Grammy, Pa and Eady and I crammed in a weeks worth of work!  :)

The one thing Carli asked to do was a painting class over Spring Break.  So, we made that happen and they all had a blast painting a pot and planting a flower.  They also painted some rocks.  My favorite was Ava's.  When I asked her how she painted her rock, she told me she painted it like a pickle b/c it looked just like a pickle...and it did!  :)

Keith picked the girls up then took them to Taco Bueno for lunch.  Then it was off to check another thing off their Spring Break to do list...Bahama Bucks!

On their way back home they stopped off to try the new inflatable party place in Bullard, Big Kauhuna's.  They had a lot of fun.  Ava's teacher was there with her whole crew who apparently picked a dodge ball fight.  Keith said the boys lived to regret picking a ball fight with three softball girls!

They finally made it home around 5 and squeezed in a little more fun before we met up with Rylee's mom for some burgers at Legends followed up with Sweet Frogs for dessert!

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Thursday, March 16, 2017

Spring Break 2017

We had planned for Naggy and Pappy to get to come spend most of Spring Break with us.  But, Grandpa Herb had had surgery and he was having a rough time recovering so we were prepared for them to not get to come.  We prepped the girls and everyone was okay with Naggy and Pappy taking care of Grandpa Herb "because that's what God would want them to do!"  But Friday we got a call that Grandpa was doing a lot better and Naggy and Pappy would be at our house by noon Saturday!  We decided we'd surprise the girls on Saturday!

We met with Grammy, Pa, Naggy & Pappy for lunch in Jville Saturday and the girls were so surprised and excited!  And we had a awesome week!

We spent most of our week constructing and painting a HUGE American Girl dollhouse.  This was something I had actually pushed for to be done.  This last year the girls have really gotten into playing with their dolls and the resulting chaos on the floor when the pretend play school, camping or even sleepovers was driving me nuts!  I worked for three months to convince Keith we should build them one and he finally relented.  I am so thankful Naggy and Pappy were here to help b/c boy was it a project! 

A lot got done on Saturday - the main section was built and put together.  Ava worked so hard that when we went to get her for a picture she'd put herself to bed and was sound asleep! 

We took a day of rest on Sunday - kind of.  Pappy went with Keith and the girls to softball practice after church and Naggy, Drew and I stayed home.  Had a good visit with Naggy and made a grocery store trip all by myself...that's a vacation in and of itself!

Monday came and it was time to start painting!  Pappy got the floors stained while Keith and I got a few more supplies at Lowes that morning.  Then we spent the afternoon painting!  Tuesday night we moved the main structure into the playroom.  And the girls were just giddy!

Tuesday, we got the garages attached - notice the beds the girls built with their Daddy on each side of the house?  We decided we didn't want to undo that build to make them fit in the room so we added the garages/patios to each side.  Now the camper and jeep have a home and the beds do too!  The roof was attached and by Tuesday night all that was left was touch up paint on the roof and adding basics for storage to the bottom.

We declared the dollhouse finished by Wednesday evening.  We even got the bookcases moved out of the playroom and Drew is estactic to have his very own kitchen!  We got the red pottery barn kitchen down from the attic for him.  He oohs and aahs at it and it never fails, he spits in the sink every time he comes into the room!

Wednesday we also managed to get the office painted!  It looks so much better and we are one step closer to being done with the awful tan color that was the main color throughout the house!  The office was a small room but had the most things on the wall and two desk...it was a lot to work around.  We are so thankful to mark that off the list.

Wednesday was a super busy day b/c Naggy and Pappy also made their famous cinnamon rolls with the girls.  Ava really got into the cinnamon roll making...or flour tossing...not sure!

Naggy was a great sport and when the girls begged to have a sleepover with her in the living room one night, she didn't bat an eye! 

The other big accomplishment of the week is that Drew stayed in his room with Naggy and Pappy.  We are one step closer to the boy sleeping all night long!  He did great and when he would cry out and stir he'd go right back to sleep with a pat on the back from Naggy or Pappy.  For the first time in 20 months I slept 8 consecutive hours for more than two days in a row! 

Naggy and Pappy packed up and headed out Thursday morning to go see sweet little Jax in Midland.  We are beyond blessed to have such amazing grandparents for our kids!  Thanks Naggy and Pappy for the sacrifices you make for our family!

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