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Thursday, May 25, 2017

Last Day of School

Well, it's official.  The last day of school has arrived.  As all the teachers jump for joy, all the parents hunker down and prepare for summer...ha!  Actually, we are very much looking forward to our summer!  It's mostly fully of softball with a beach trip and several random activities planned.  Most of all, we plan to enjoy eachother!

The girls sure have grown this year!!
First and Last Day Pictures

So on the last day of school, we pretty much show up...have a party and leave!  :)  Carli's class had a breakfast party. 

We thoroughly enjoyed Carli's teacher, Mrs. Shofner.  This was her last year as a classroom teacher.  She is moving to be over the Special Ed program in the 3rd -5th grade wing next year.  Carli loved Mrs. Shofner and is excited that she will be in the same wing of the elementary school as her next year!

After Carli's party, we went down to claim Ava.  They weren't having a party but were having a pretty laid back day full of movies and special treats.  I offered to come back for her but she decided to come on home with us anyway.  Ava loved having Mrs. Ivy this year.  We were certainly blessed with amazing teachers.

Autumn moved to Troup over Christmas and she and Ava hit it off immediately!  Ava loves Autumn and we are praying the get in the same class next year!

We also took our teachers end of the year gifts.  The girls wrote their teachers notes and we created a wordle for them.

Here is Mrs. Shofner's letter and Wordle:

Here is Mrs. Ivy's Note and Wordle:

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Wednesday, May 24, 2017

End of Year Awards

Thankfully, Carli and Ava's end of the year award ceremony were combined so we were able to go watch them both! 

Carli with her aware for the most AR Points earned in her class.

Ava with her award for the Highest AR Average in her class.

Drew was very serious about his job of clapping for everyone when they got their award!  :)

Both Ava and Carli got awards for getting all A's this year.

After their big award ceremony, Keith and I had to split up to go to their rooms and see their classroom awards. 

Keith was with Ava and she and her classmates did a little play for the parents.  Ava was the narrator for The Three Little Pigs.

Ava was awarded for Earning a 90 or Above Average on her first grade Benchmark.

She also got an award for being a Super Reader with her AR points.

And finally, she was awarded the Best Smile award from her teacher.

Carli was awarded as being the "Glowing Example" to her classmates this year by her teacher Mrs. Shofner.

What a great year for both our girls! 

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Monday, May 22, 2017

Mom's Birthday Celebration

We weren't able to all be together on Mother's Day this year but us siblings were able to pull of a semi-surprise get together for Mom for her birthday the next weekend.

The grandkids all serenaded Grammy with a birthday song...

Then the dynamic duo put on quite the vocal performance that called for a standing ovation!

We couldn't leave Logan out, and sang him Happy Birthday too!

We managed to get Grammy birthday present from the grandkids and we think it was a big hit!  :)

We even got pics with all her kiddos...which is pretty impressive for us!  :)

After some burgers, cake and ice cream we had a little fun in the backyard playing ball.  Carli pitched to Uncle Andy while Logan caught her.

The Logan and Carli had a mini-pitching dual!

Drew absolutely wore Uncle Tone out while the big kids were playing ball!

Happy Birthday Mom!  We Love you so much!

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Sunday, May 14, 2017

Happy Birthday Ava-Bo

Dearest Ava-Bo,

I waited until today, your birthday, to sit down and write your annual birthday letter.   There are so many things I want to tell you over and over again.  But first and foremost, I want you to know I am so proud of you and today my heart swells with pride.  This weekend, you gave up celebrating your birthday weekend at home with your friends and family to go out of your comfort zone and play with a coach pitch softball team.  Not only was it your first time to play an 8U softball game, but it was with a team you had not practiced with before.  You overcame your fear, your anxiety and nervousness, only to be put into a situation that no child should be put in.  You were told you weren’t good enough.  Maybe not in words, but in the actions of an adult.  When they found out you weren’t 8 but just now turning 7, they based your ability to play on your age and not your talent.  They gave you only a few chances to play and you showed them you could despite what they thought, even scoring the game winning run in one game.

Despite your hustle, ability to hit and play, they refused to get over your age.   You could have quit.  You could have cried.  You could have been upset (like many of us were), but instead, you taught us all a lesson.  You showed them, you were better than a number – you had class.  You showed us all, even if they didn’t believe in you, you knew you could do it anyway and it was their loss.  Every inning you put on your gear, stood in front of the dugout and made them have to tell you to sit down on the bench and not once did you shed a tear or give up.  You lead cheers in the dugout, you danced, you smiled and you killed them all with kindness.  This weekend, you reminded us all, when faced with a challenge don’t walk away from it but stand up and show them how it’s done with dignity and a smile on your face.  You, Ava Ruth, may only be turning 7 but you are an old wise soul and today you made an impact on more than one person and I am so very, very proud to call you mine.

The maturity you have gained this year all culminated in this one weekend.  You have grown so much both physically, emotionally and spiritually.  You have conquered fears of the unknown and excelled in school and sports.  You daily exhibit the love of Christ to all you meet.  Your tender heart just melts me every day.  And I can’t help but thank the good Lord daily for picking me to be your Momma. 

Happy Birthday Ava Ruth – may you always believe in yourself even when others don't, share your beautiful smile with everyone around you and never ever lose the mischievous twinkle in your eyes.
With all my heart –

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Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Ava's Field Trip

Keith and I have learned that our kids LOVE for us to go on field trips with them but it seems they have much more fun when we don't go!  They tend to not be as social if we are around, so when it was time for Ava's field trip to UT Tyler, we opted not to go.  Her teacher is a saint though and sent us pictures throughout the day because lets just say, Ava can give you one world class guilt trip!  Ha!

Oh and Ava' has some pretty good monkey bar skills!

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