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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Mom #3

I remember my 8th grade year. Back then the Jr. High kids were mixed in with the High School kids. We all roamed the same two halls at Alto High School. That year, lots of things happened that makes the year memorable. Two of the most memorable involved two ladies who mean very much to me.

The first, Ms. Verlene, was better known as Mom #2 to me. She was an awesome lady. She worked with my Mom over at the elementary school and she was always there for me when I could not find my Mom. During my 8th grade year, Ms. Verlene's oldest son passed away from cancer. It is a day I won't ever forget. I'll have to share more on Ms. Verlene in another post.

Ms. Bowen, was the second lady that made a huge impression on me that year. She came to be known as Mom #3. She taught home ec in the high school, but that year she also taught 8th Grade reading...only in a small school, right? :) I'm not sure I can recall any special thing that happened that year, but I do remember that that was the year I met her and that was the year she became an everlasting part of my life.

I made it through high school, often times stopping by to visit Ms. Bowen, who soon became known as Mrs. Pearman when she got married. I still forget to call her Mrs Pearman sometimes - no offense meant - it's just that etched in my memory are those long days past of calling her Ms. Bowen. I guess some habits die hard.

I refused to go to high school prom my Junior Year - but my Senior Year at the insistence of a number of ppl I was off to attend the thing. Mrs. Pearman made my prom dress. It was beautiful. Prom was not really my cup of tea, but something I'm glad that I did. It was a day I will tell Carli about and Mrs. Pearman was there.

The summer before I left for college, I went out to lunch with Mrs. Pearman one last time - and she took me shopping. I still have that blue cubby thing on wheels she bought me that day. Still being used! That was an awesome day, and Mrs. Pearman was there.

The day I got married, Ms. Bowen was there. She came out the night before to do all the adjustments on the bridesmaid dresses. For that matter she made more than one for us, without having ever met the girls until that night. She made sure my dress was perfectly steamed. She came to the rescue when the flower girl spilt Dr. Pepper on her dress. She helped my Mom - she helped my maid of honor - she helped me. She was the person at the wedding that nobody really saw, but everyone behind the scenes knew she was there and she was what was keeping us all calm. That was a beautiful day, and Mrs. Pearman was there.

Time sure seemed to fly by looking back. It is strange what the mind remembers. I have a very clear memory of being embraced in a long hug from my Mom #3 the day of Ms. Verlene's funeral. It still brings tears to my eyes to think of that day, but comfort to know she knew what I was feeling and didn't have to say anything to me - but give me a hug. That was a hard, hard day and Mrs. Pearman was there.

I moved back to East Texas about two years ago. I come from a small town. Everyone knows everyone. When Keith and I were expecting Carli, I doubted that anyone would come to a baby shower for me though. Maybe it was pregnancy paranoia, I dunno. But Mrs. Pearman took charge - she organized the shower, and it was wonderful. She gave us a wonderful basket full of handmade blankets and burp rags. It was amazing - it was a humbling day to be reminded that all those ppl still do care about me - and Mrs. Pearman helped me remember that.

Fast forward nine months. Life goes by fast, and Carli has certainly grown a lot! It is strange how life works. Mrs. Pearman lives a mere 10 minutes from my parents house. I work at my parents house twice a week. A couple of weeks ago, Mrs. Pearman came over and met Carli for the first time. Carli wore her Texas Tech outfit for the occasion (Mrs. Pearman is an alumnus of Tech). I was very proud to share Carli with Mrs. Pearman. To let her met a very special lady who has done so much for me. It was a special day.

Ms. Bowen, Mrs. Pearman, Ms. Jamie and Mom #3 - whatever name I happen to call you - you've always gone out of your way to be there for me. So I just wanted to say - Thanks. Thank you for everything.

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Sunday, June 28, 2009

A Very Busy Saturday

Carli had a very busy Saturday. She started the day hanging out with her Daddy while Momma worked in the yard. She and her Daddy always have a good time. I think they have their own language! ha!

After a "nap" that lasted a mere 30 minutes, we decided to get out her new toy and give it a test run. Carli loves the water, so we bought her this little sprinkler wading pool to play with at the lake this next wkd on the 4th with her cousin Logan. We got her all dressed up in her little swim gear and bonnet and off we went:

To Play in the water - I'll lay on my tummy!

Swimming is quite relaxing and Carli successfully dirtied her diaper. So, given that she was wearing her "little swimmers" which you step into like shorts, it was not an ideal situation. We decided that we would strip her outside in case the diaper changing was a little disastrous. Once we conquered that challenge, we could not go inside without first doing a little swinging...

With playing outside done, we had a call with Naggy and Pappy - and then Daddy and Carli went back to their day of playing. Carli really enjoyed playing in her crib...well, standing in her crib and attempting to move up and down the length of it with her Daddy cheering her on...

After a long day of playing, we needed some snacks. Carli is excellent at digging out her puffs...but she insists on her Daddy feeding her...

If you noticed the red marks on her face - yes, she has been bitten, four times! Poor child, she is so sweet that the bugs can't keep from taking a bite! And apparently her right check is the sweet spot. Any ideas on helping them heal? She reacts to bites the way her daddy reacts to bites.

As you can see, Carli had a busy Saturday - but next weekend, she can hardly wait! She is meeting Cousin Logan at the Lake! Be sure to check back then for a full report!

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Friday, June 26, 2009

Seriously - We Have One Kid

This is a sign of things to come, isn't it? One kid can create all this, in just a couple days...

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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Even in Sleep

Carli has always wiggled around when she slept. She moved a lot when I was pregnant. There is no argument about the fact that Carli looks just like her Daddy. But there is one thing she got from me for sure...she wiggles around when she sleeps!

Not even a month old!
2 months old
At 8 months, Carli really started getting mobile in her sleep. She hates tummy time during the day, but put the child in her crib for a nap and she goes all over the place! Just today, I wish I could have snuck in her room undetected to film her after I put her down for a nap. It took 30 minutes. She flipped and flopped. Loved on frog, rolled over caterpillar. Upside down, tushy in the air...the child was every where!

It was a crazy night with Caterpillar - he usually is on the other end of the crib...
We put her to bed on her back, facing the other way - she did a 180 and flipped over on her tummy! This was the first night she slept in a night gown too - no matter how many times we fixed it for her, she insisted on her diaper not being covered!
Not quite a full turn during this night.
Going through her nap routine with Daddy. She flipped and flopped a good 20 minutes this day before finally going to sleep. I think Keith beat her to sleep.

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Wkd in Pictures

We had an awesome wkd with Pappy and Naggy. Some of our highlights included:

- Surprising Pappy, obviously.
- Playing in Robin and TJ's fountain.
- Playing patty cake with Naggy, Carli can clap now!
- Hanging with Grandpa Herb at the cookout.
- Going to class all by herself on Sunday.
- Momma got to eat at Rosa's!
- Eating Naggy's banana pudding and homemade ice cream - mmm good!!
- Taking multiple 2 hr naps, seriously.

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Saturday, June 20, 2009

Happy Father's Day!

Here is some video from the wkd. Sorry the last one is long, but it was just too cute to cut!

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Friday, June 19, 2009

Get Ready Folks -

We are off to surprise Pappy for Father's Day! And Carli is ready for the journey!!

Actually, we flew - not that it took any less time. But something about driving for 10 hrs with a baby was not appealing to us. Without Logan with us to keep Carli company, driving really was not looking good. So after conspiring with Naggy to surprise Pappy, we all decided that flying was the best option.

We took off from Tyler at 9:50 am and flew through Houston with a 3 hr layover before heading to Amarillo. Carli actually did amazing on the flight. She thought the windows were pretty cool.

Then after she got over the window fascination, it was time to throw back with some juice and relax! She actually drank 20 oz of juice between Tyler and Amarillo! The girl loves her sippy cup! I did take some breast milk to drink for her in another sippy cup - thinking we need to start trying to do a little more variety. But she didn't seem interested in it - turns out I had a stopper in it so it wouldn't spill in all the traveling - I only discovered that was why she was getting mad at the cup after I opened it up and went to wash it out. Blast! All my efforts to make sure it wasn't wasted, and I was the one that wasted it! Oh well...

We got to Amarillo right on time and we were off to surprise Pappy! It was pretty awesome. He was a little confused to say the least and most definitely surprised! He proudly showed Carli off to everyone in the office and Keith and I occasionally got introduced as well. ha!

While we were there, Carli decided to show Pappy how to repair some keyboards.

Pappy was a little surprised and delighted to say the least of his father's day gift! I think Naggy was pretty happy too!

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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

To the Sock Man

To the one who invented socks...

Thank you for making laundry day a little brighter.

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Monday, June 15, 2009

Be on the look out...

Carli's coming! Well, not quite -but we are getting closer! Carli still doesn't like to be on her tummy, but for her daddy she indulges us. She started doing this last week...I try to get her on her tummy during the day and I get screamed at. But when Keith gets home, they practice together. Daddy's Girl? Yep...

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Sunday, June 14, 2009

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Bridging the Gap

Carli never really "played" during her bath time until we switched her over to the full bath. Now you have to basically leave her in the tub while you drain all the water out and then and only then will she come willingly out of the tub. Usually she comes alone, and leaves all her toys in the tub. Last night she decided to show Mr. Ducky the realm of the diaper changing pad. It is still one of her favorite spots.

Here ya go Mr. Ducky - my favorite spot...
See - look all around...isn't it great?
OH! Mom's taking a picture, watch out for the flash!
Hmmmm, what is this you have in your mouth...is it a paci?
Let me get a closer look...
Now it is our job to remember that Mr. Ducky is still on the diaper changing pad - and to bring him back to the tub tonite...

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