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Sunday, June 28, 2009

A Very Busy Saturday

Carli had a very busy Saturday. She started the day hanging out with her Daddy while Momma worked in the yard. She and her Daddy always have a good time. I think they have their own language! ha!

After a "nap" that lasted a mere 30 minutes, we decided to get out her new toy and give it a test run. Carli loves the water, so we bought her this little sprinkler wading pool to play with at the lake this next wkd on the 4th with her cousin Logan. We got her all dressed up in her little swim gear and bonnet and off we went:

To Play in the water - I'll lay on my tummy!

Swimming is quite relaxing and Carli successfully dirtied her diaper. So, given that she was wearing her "little swimmers" which you step into like shorts, it was not an ideal situation. We decided that we would strip her outside in case the diaper changing was a little disastrous. Once we conquered that challenge, we could not go inside without first doing a little swinging...

With playing outside done, we had a call with Naggy and Pappy - and then Daddy and Carli went back to their day of playing. Carli really enjoyed playing in her crib...well, standing in her crib and attempting to move up and down the length of it with her Daddy cheering her on...

After a long day of playing, we needed some snacks. Carli is excellent at digging out her puffs...but she insists on her Daddy feeding her...

If you noticed the red marks on her face - yes, she has been bitten, four times! Poor child, she is so sweet that the bugs can't keep from taking a bite! And apparently her right check is the sweet spot. Any ideas on helping them heal? She reacts to bites the way her daddy reacts to bites.

As you can see, Carli had a busy Saturday - but next weekend, she can hardly wait! She is meeting Cousin Logan at the Lake! Be sure to check back then for a full report!

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Amanda said...

That looks like fun! Can I play too?