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Thursday, April 25, 2013

Pa's Alaska Trip

Last Wednesday Pa left to go visit one of our clients up in Alaska.  We met him at the Sonic in Bullard so the girls could get some Pa hugs before he left.  They are a wee bit spoiled that they get to spend their Wednesdays and Fridays with Pa and since he was going to be gone on both those days, they all needed extra hugs to get them through.  :)
Pa came back on Saturday afternoon and stopped by the house before going home.  He brought back gifts that Christina had sent for us all.  The girls were pretty excited to not only get a chocolate moose shaped sucker but a couple of pink moose too!

Carli with her new pink moose and sucker.  She loves her moose.  It has joined the abundance of other stuffed animals on her bed to cuddle with her every night!

Ava is obviously the sweet tooth child.  She was pretty stoked about her chocolate moose!  :)

Pa even showed the girls what a real moose looked like.

Keith and I weren't left out.  I got a new shirt (pink and Carli approved) and a new hoodie.  Keith got a new hat.  We also got some chocolate candies.  After we all enjoyed opening our gifts, we went to eat dinner with Pa and him a little caffiene so he could stay awake on his drive home!

Maybe next summer we will all get to go join Pa on his visit to see our clients/friends up in AK!  How awesome would that be?!

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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

A Visit From Grandma

Last weekend we planned to skype with Grandma since she had just gotten back to Aunt Carolyn's house after spending some time with Aunt Betty.  I told the girls we would get to talk to Grandma on the phone and see her too!  They were really excited to get to "see" Grandma.  Saturday morning we made a run to the plant farm to get some flowers and then when we got home, I was able to tell the girls that Grandma was going to come see them at their house!  They were beyond excited! 

Keith had Aunt Genell's computer so she was coming to get it and get a little help on using the new Windows 8.  Aunt Carolyn and Grandma decided to come along too!  It was an awesome surprise.  The girls got out their favorite books and read (from memory) their favorite stories.  It was priceless!

Ava is asking Grandma which princess is her favorite!

Carli quoted word for word her favorite Barbie story.
This truly made the girls day!  Plus, I got a good visit with Aunt Carolyn and a hug from my Grandma.  We are blessed!

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Monday, April 15, 2013

Puff Paint

We tried making our own puff paint with flour, water and food coloring.  We had a lot of fun making the paint and painting.  When we did the microwave part to get it to "puff" it didn't work so well.  Oh well, guess we should have gotten self rising flour instead of trying to make our own self rising flour!  The girls enjoyed the creating part of it all and didn't realize that it didn't puff like it was suppose!

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Saturday, April 13, 2013

Just Fishin'

Back in January, Carli started asking Pa to take her fishing.  We are not sure where this came from or why, but she was determined!  She even made Pa a picture to illustrate their fishing expedition.  Pa kept telling her it needed to warm up or they would be ice fishing!  This would satisfy her until the next time she saw Pa and she wanted to know if it would be the day they would go fishing!  So finally when warmer weather rolled in and Spring Break came, it was time to take Carli fishing!  Logan happen to be spending a few days with Grammy and Pa so we met up with them at the lake for our fishing expedition...any guesses to how long Carli fished?  :)

We think she lasted about 10 minutes.  The first half she spent worrying that her fishing pole was not very pretty.  Pa finally found a pole that would suffice, although it was not pink, red was close to pink.  After the kids were done and playing up by the house, a fish literally jumped out of the water where they had had their lines.  Go figure!  :)  Carli's new obsession is that Pa is getting her a pink fishing pole b/c her fish like pink and she will catch a fish if only her pole was pink!

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Friday, April 12, 2013

We Need Some Sassy!

Sassy holds a special place in our family.  She was our first babysitter/nanny for the girls.  When her school schedule didn't work out for her to keep watching the girls we were all pretty bummed.  But we have not forgotten about Sassy and when out of the blue the girls start asking if it is a "Sassy Day," I am quick to get a hold of Sassy and get that arranged!  :)  One such day was during Spring Break.  Sassy came over one afternoon and spent a couple of hours playing with the girls and having a great time.  The girls were so so happy to see their Sassy!

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Thursday, April 11, 2013

First Water Blob of 2013

Last year we discovered the water blob and it was a blast!  Last month was our neighbors month for date night, so their kiddos came over to play.  We fixed up our first water blob of the year and had a blast! 

Go figure I quit taking pictures right before Kaitlyn slide down the slide and the water blob busted!  Keith said the look on her face was priceless!  The kids had a blast and were worn out!  Guess that answered my question as to whether I bough 2 mil thick painters tarp or 4 mil last year.  It was 4 mil...the 2 mil doesn't last long!  :)

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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Flowers & Cute Kids

Here are the last of my pictures from Easter Weekend.  I obviously enjoyed playing with my camera that weekend!  :)

Carli did not understand why she was not suppose to pick Bluebonnets & a really cute picture of the cousins on a white fence...if only Ava would have joined them!

Logan's Spiderman Pose and Carli's Princess Pose

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Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Special Easter Snack

Aunt Carolyn has been finding some pretty cute snacks online and sending me lots of ideas.  Unfortunately, I lacked the time and patience to get to do them for Easter.  Actually there was one I planned to do for the girls Easter parties at school but chocolate was not allowed since someone had an allergy so that got nixed.  Aunt Carolyn surprised the girls with one of those cool creations at the family reunion.  The girls could not wait to try their special Easter Snack from Aunt Carolyn.

I was surprised that they each at their whole snack!  They didn't even save me a nibble!  The girls are so lucky to have Great-Aunts who do such special things for them.  Thanks Aunt Carolyn for the awesome gift/snack.  It was very much enjoyed!

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Monday, April 8, 2013

Cousin Easter Egg Hunt

Since we have had the girls, we have started a little tradition of going to church with Grammy & Pa then going out to the lakehouse to hunt Easter Eggs and have lunch.  This year we were blessed to have our little cousin Weston get to join us for our Cousin Easter Egg Hunt at the lake.  During church it poured rain and we were debating about changing our plans to try to get the Easter Egg hunt indoors but a little patience and some sunshine and the tradition continued! 

We have had mixed luck in getting good pictures of the girls and Logan each year.  The little stinkers surprised us all with some really awesome shots before we let them put on their comfy clothes.

This is my favorite picture that we captured.

Can you tell that Carli and Ava ADORE their Logan?!

This is probably the best picture of their smiles.

And finally, pictures were taken, lunch was eaten and it was time to hunt some Easter eggs!

The girls moved a little faster than they have in years past so I didn't have much luck getting a good picture of them in action.  They were notorious for stepping over "ugly" or "boy" eggs in favor of glitter and pink eggs!

Weston caught on to the whole finding eggs thing and had a real blast!
Here is the crew with all their eggs.  Logan is rolling his eyes at me.  :)

The "big kids," AKA the older cousins had some fun with some confetti eggs.  I missed a great shot of Andy getting Aunt Betty pretty good so I was prepared when he went after Dionna!

No worries...she got him back pretty good by stuffing a confetti egg down the back of his britches while Andy was preoccupied doing the same to Logan!  I was laughing too hard to actually catch that one on camera! 
Easter Sunday was full of family laughs and lots of memories made! 

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Friday, April 5, 2013

Weston & Everyone Else

On my birthday I got a really  nice camera and have had fun playing with all that it can do!  My kids are in the "don't take my picture" phase or if I do get to take their pictures they make silly faces.  At the reunion this past weekend, my cousin Dionna's little boy Weston became the target of my camera.  What can I say?  He is cute and totally oblivous to the fact that I was practicing on him!  :)  Here are some of the many pictures of my special little model and his family too.

Weston with his Gran

Weston with his Gran and Paw
His Momma, Dionna and his Daddy, Ron

Cute little family!

We found a few bluebonnets and wild flowers to play in.

At the lake on Sunday afternoon...


Thanks little Weston for being the subject of my learning curve!  You sure are cute!

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