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Tuesday, June 30, 2015

District Playoffs - Game 1 vs Fairfield

Monday night the whole family loaded up and went to Fairfield for the Diamond Diva's first playoff game.  Well, everyone but me and Grammy.  I was good and followed doctor orders not to go, but it I was not a happy camper.  Ms. Patty, Kayla, Aunt Carolyn, Uncle Johnny, Aunt Genell, Pa, Naggy & Pappy all went in my place...bless them all.  I asked for updates from everyone who would give them to me through the night.  It was quite the game!!

The first message I got was that Carli hit a double and hit in an RBI.  Woohoo!  Great start.  The inning ended with us scoring 4 runs.  The Fairfield team tied it up in the bottom of the 1st and it was 4 all.

The second inning didn't go so great.  Carli got another double BUT there was a base running mishap and the runner on third started home but went back to third and Carli was on second and got tagged out trying to get back to second and so did the runner behind her.  We ended the second with one run.  Fairfield put up 5 runs.  Diamond Divas were down 10 to 5.

The third inning started off with a bang when Paighton hit a 3 run homer.  Diamond Diva's scored 7 runs to end the inning.  They held Fairfield to 2 runs and it was 12-12 at the end of the 3rd.

The fourth inning was another awesome inning for the Diva's who went for another 7 runs!  If we could hold them off we would win.  Fairfield scored two runs and looked to be on a rally when they hit a line drive down the first base line to Carli.  She stopped it and stepped on the bag to record the third out of the inning.  Score at the end of the 4th was 19-14.  If we scored three runs it would be us up by 8 and the Fairfield team wouldn't be able to catch up and we would win!

At this point I asked if Ava had been put in to play.  She had not.  I was a little upset but Kayla sent me this picture and Ava was very content in the dugout cheering everyone on.  As long as Ava wasn't upset I would be okay.  Later Keith told me that Coach had a plan and executed it well getting all the girls but Ava in...for some reason she slipped through the cracks.  That guarantees her a start tonight.

Carli hit third in the top of the fifth and got another double and hit in an RBI.  From there she had some excellent base running and while the other team wasn't paying attention on the next play Carli ran in from third scoring the winning run!  Diamond Diva's won their first play off game 22-14!

The girls celebrated with dinner at Wendy's and a frosty for dessert!  :)

Tonight they play at 5:30 and will be playing a team from Buffalo.  Once again, I'm dying not getting to go.  Ava begged me to go and stand on the first base line for when she batted.  She is starting tonight and batting second.  Oh I pray she has fun and doesn't get too nervous.  I so wish I was there!  

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Monday, June 29, 2015

Diamond Diva's Take the Championship

This past weekend the girls played in a 6U Tball tournament in Arp.  Thankfully the doctor had no issues with me spending my weekend at the ballpark since it wasn't too terribly far away.  The Diamond Diva's played two games on Friday winning both and having a blast!

Saturday morning started out with rain so our games were pushed back but thankfully that allowed Naggy & Pappy to get here in time to get to watch the girls play.  The girls won their first game and stayed cool with the help of their new neck/head ties from Naggy & Pappy!

Both girls played really well.  Carli is starting to move a bit more and not restricting herself to her base which is great!  She really is enjoying herself!  Ava was okay this weekend playing catcher but needed a pep talk before every at bat about how important it was for her to do her best for her team.  And she did really well!

 Naggy & Pappy had not gotten to see the girls play.  They are here all week awaiting Drew's arrival and soaking up a lot of tball!  They got to see some pretty intense games on Saturday!

The Diamond Diva's played for the championship on Saturday afternoon.  We were a bit sluggish coming out and everyone was kind of thinking we'd have to play a second game.  The Overton team we were playing against had a good little defense and a first baseman that had some pretty amazing catches! 

Thankfully, with a lot of excitement and a couple of really good defensive plays, the Diamond Diva's pulled off a win and placed first place in their first ever tournament!

It's pretty funny to see how into the game Keith gets.  I have enough of my Momma in me that I'm encouraging girls, giving hugs and trying not to let me competitiveness show.  I did walk away a couple of times in order to keep my mouth in check and remind myself...they are only six years old! When the season started Keith was pretty reserved and kept his emotions in check.  Turns out a pretty intense wkd of tball brings out the competitive nature in even the mildest of personalities.  :) It was pretty entertaining to watch at times!   

Four the championship game, Grammy, Pa, Naggy and Pappy all were there to cheer on the girls.  Talk about some pretty special little girls to have both sets of grandparents there for you!

Our family - and Drew and I's last tball game until he makes his arrival.  :) 

This tournament was for practice for the district playoffs that started today.  I was glad that the girls had so much fun and enjoyed playing.  They were pretty pumped to have won and gotten new t-shirts for their efforts.  Tonight they are off to play their first league district playoff game in Fairfield, I'm pretty bummed the doc put his foot down and won't let me go!

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Sunday, June 28, 2015

39 Weeks

I bit the bullet and had Keith take a picture of our Drew Baby Bump this morning.  I haven't done many bump pictures this time around and figured it was time to document the growing belly since on Wednesday we will be holding our Drew in our arms!  :)

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Saturday, June 27, 2015

Murphy Bed Make-Over

We bought a Murphy Bed off Craigslist last fall.  I had been look for quite some time but nothing ever seemed to work out.  It just happened that the bed we found was really good quality but not so much in our taste of d├ęcor.  But it was a $4,000 bed that we scored for $1200.  With Dad and Mom's help, we were able to get it in Dallas and back home and set up.  We left it in its Modern style for the last nine months.

And then we basically had two weeks left until Drew was to come and we decided we might should get to fixing it up if we were ever going to get it done.  Our first step was to use the beadboard wall paper on the drawer faces and on the front of the bed.  It went really well and was so much easier to do than standard wood beadboard.

Next Keith added the trim work on top of the beadboard...

Finally he worked on lightly sanding the remaining wood exposed parts to get the gloss off of it and used a bonding primer before painting it all with latex epoxy that matched the trim work, so it would look more like a built in.

The bedding is pretty basic, but it does the job.  We added some black and white pictures to the wall.

Finally we added the hardware and called it good!  It turned out really well and looks so much better than it did in its previous modern life. 

Once the Murphy Bed was made over the rest of the nursery easily came together.  All we really lack is wall decor and that will just have to wait for Drew to get here!  :)

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Friday, June 26, 2015

My Three Favorite Ppl

Between swim lessons, tball and getting ready for Drew - we stopped for lunch with Keith yesterday afternoon.  The girls definitely belong to their daddy!

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Thursday, June 25, 2015

Even A Princess Has to Write Thank You Notes

Ava's birthday was last month - well maybe a little over a month.  It's kind of has taken us a bit longer than usual to get her thank you notes out but I was determined to get them done BEFORE Drew came.  So this week we sat down and finished what we had started over three weeks earlier.  Ava was so excited!  Ha!  But she only complained once, and when I pointed out that none of her friends had to give her anything for her birthday and she could easily give the gift back if she didn't feel like she needed to thank them, she quickly quit complaining and started writing.  :) 

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Sunday, June 21, 2015

Happy Fathers's Day!

Seeing as to how I have not been to the grocery store in over two weeks, the girls and I may not have done a very good job in getting Father's Day cards done this year.  We are surviving summer and pregnant.  :)  Thankfully, our Dad's understand and are content with hanging out or a phone call (for Pappy) and the promise that we love them, appreciate them and wouldn't trade them for the world...which is all true!

Grammy came to our rescue on Sunday and treated us all to a steak lunch at the lake.  It was really good and it was good to be at the lake again, it had been too long!

After lunch, the girls found a mini wooden bat and a ball.  They insisted that Keith throw to them. 

Nothing like your Sunday best and a little round of batting practice to make our Daddy happy.  :)

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Thursday, June 18, 2015

Fans & Wins

We knew the girls tball team would make the playoffs and with the weather getting hotter we had been on the lookout for a couple of misting fans to help keep them cool in the dugout.  They were pretty pumped when we finally found some at Bed Bath & Beyond the day of their last league game.

Ava had been asking all season to call or stop by and remind Mrs. Denise when she had games.  I have been getting by with sending text and giving her an excuse to not have to come and many times she had really good reasons why she couldn't make it...something about Disney!  But the night before their last game, Mrs. Denise promised to come and she did!  Ava was SO excited to see her.  She kept going over to look at Mrs. Denise as if making sure she was really there!  I told ya'll OTA had awesome teachers - even when school is said and done - they just keep making my kids feel loved!

The girls won their game and pulled off a first place finish in their league.  Moving on to the playoffs!  :)

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Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Wedding Day!!

Anthony & Holli's wedding was beautiful!  We thoroughly enjoyed getting to be a part of it.  Since we were all in the wedding, our view of it was a little skewed.  I refused to take a picture of Holli for fear that the girls would sneak off with my phone and show Tone...so you'll have to take my word for it...she was a beautiful bride!  :)

The girls of the family started off the day getting manicures and pedicures.  Ava took it upon herself to take pictures while she patiently waited her turn.

 She looks like an innocent angel - right?

And when it was finally her turn, her patience was really tested when she had to wait for her polish to dry.  It was brutally hard for her to sit still!  :)

Oh but check out those nails! 

After our nails, we headed to the church to get hair and make up done.  Carli insisted on helping with Grammy's hair.

Since we were all in the wedding it was really hard to get pictures of the wedding.  :/  So I snuck a few of the pre-wedding pics of the guys and grabbed a family pic too.

Anthony with his Groomsmen. 

This is Andy demonstrating how to act "natural."

Meanwhile, Carli and Ava had a blast twirling in their princess dresses.

Eady was not much for pictures when the girls were trying to get them done.  But when I asked the girls to take a twirling break and grab a picture with Keith - Eady stepped right in!  Love her!

Quick family shot. 

The ceremony went great.  It was beautiful.  Enjoyed visiting with family and friends after at reception and especially was happy to get to see this girl and grab a good picture with her.  We rarely remember to take pictures.  This was at the end of the night, I had given up on my dress and was back in comfy clothes and Dionna was helping to clean up.  She's a special lady this one!

We had an absolute great day and enjoyed getting to be a part of such an amazing couple's wedding.  Can't wait to see all the formal pictures and ooh and ahh at how beautiful it all was all over again!  :)

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