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Friday, June 5, 2015

Baby #3 Update

Having a baby is hard work!  Having a baby with a full time job, a 5 and 6 year old and three puppy dogs doesn't make it any easier!  :)  To say we've stayed so busy through this pregnancy would be an understatement.  Between school, work, swimming, an upcoming wedding, t-ball and soon to add gymnastics not to mention all the random projects we like to throw on ourselves it seems the last 35 weeks have flown by.  And now in about 3 weeks, our baby boy will be joining our family and I just have to step back and say WHOA! 

The girls are beyond excited to meet their baby brother.  They claim they like to cuddle with me, but really they are cuddling with him and trying to get him to move around so they can feel him.  The look of pure joy and amazement when he complies is pretty awesome. 

I have not done a good job of taking weekly pictures and posting them.  I feel huge and well, I hurt!  Boys are so different than girls.  A couple of weeks ago the Braxton Hicks contractions started and wow, I can't say I am glad I missed that experience with the girls pregnancy!  Those little boogers HURT!  Last week after Carli's kinder graduation, she asked if she could take a picture of Drew and I with the big camera.  This is one of only two, I think she did a fairly good job.  I was a little preoccupied with Ava attempting to carry Shea off down the driveway thus the look on my face.  :)  So at 34 weeks and 6 days, here is our belly pic...

I had my 35 week appt yesterday.  35 weeks and 5 days to be exact.  :)  Drew was measuring right at 36 weeks and his heart rate was at 150.  His heart rate has been around 140 the last few weeks but he was awake and doing his karate chops on my ribs and bladder so I am sure that caused a bit of a workout for him!  The doctor actually brought up induction, for which I was greatly relieved.  Since we live almost an hour from the hospital now and Keith is petrified of me going into labor and waiting to late to tell him, he is most comfortable with induction.  Carli was induced at 41 weeks b/c well, I was 41 weeks prego!  Ava was induced at 39 weeks b/c the doctor gave us the option and we took it.  Induction means Naggy & Pappy can be here from Amarillo.  It means no crazy middle of the night race to the hospital and dragging our girls along for the ride and it means knowing, hey, yep today we are going to have a baby!  It's a bit calmer.  If you've ever seen me really prego...calm and scheduled is good! 
I have permission to go to the wedding next weekend (thank goodness since our whole family is in it!).  And I have his promise he won't check me to see if I'm dilated or any of that until after next week.  Those kind of checks sometimes set off labor and we can't be having a baby and getting Tone hitched on the same day - that won't do!  We are looking at the week of June 28 for induction.
Such is our baby update!  We have three weeks to get a nursery done, Tone married off and be mentally and physically prepared for another baby.  Miracles have happened before...

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