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Monday, June 15, 2015

Anthony & Holli's Rehearsal Dinner

Anthony & Holli's rehearsal was on Friday the 12th.  Mom worked really hard on making the rehearsal dinner themed toward Anthony and his interests.  She finally settled on a Roman themed dinner as far as décor went and had Babe's catered since he is a HUGE fan of that restaurant.  With lots of help from friends donating stuff for us to use and helping to find pillars, etc and then my aunts coming to help set up - it all turned out great!  We had a great time!  The décor was awesome, the food was good and the company was great! 

The three amigos posing together.

A look into the room.  It was pretty convenient to be able to rent a conference room at the hotel we were staying at to hold the rehearsal dinner.

Dad & Mom with the King Family Crest

Very thankful for the help of Uncle Tom & Aunt SuAnne in sitting things up and breaking it all down!

Roman Numerals for 6/2015.  We put pictures of Anthony & Holli growing up and then together all over.  The basket and podium on the left had empty post cards for everyone to write them well wishes and advice to add to the numerals.
Carli worked hard on her note!
It said:
Aunt Lolli - Uncle Tone is messy.  Good luck (out) Aunt Lolli.  Love Carli
**She got confused and thought she had written look instead of luck...thus the extra "out."**

Ava was not to be left out worked really hard on her note.

Aunt Lolli - Uncle Tone
I Love you - Ava

The soon to be Mr. & Mrs. King by the King family crest.

The parents - Dad giving out instructions.

Holli's Parents - Mr. & Mrs. Elkin by their family crest.

Looks like trouble to me!  The three groomsmen:  Andy, Keith & OT.

Group pictures!!
The Elkin Family & Logan with his Uncle Tone

All the cousins & The Groom with his Best Man

King Family Pictures
(37 weeks in this family pic!)

The Hays & The Kings

Oh the personalities in this one!

Without these two ladies helping us all out, we couldn't have gotten it done.  Thanks so much to Aunt Trudie & Aunt SuAnne for helping getting everything set up and then put up.  We are blessed with a wonderful family!

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