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Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Wedding Day!!

Anthony & Holli's wedding was beautiful!  We thoroughly enjoyed getting to be a part of it.  Since we were all in the wedding, our view of it was a little skewed.  I refused to take a picture of Holli for fear that the girls would sneak off with my phone and show Tone...so you'll have to take my word for it...she was a beautiful bride!  :)

The girls of the family started off the day getting manicures and pedicures.  Ava took it upon herself to take pictures while she patiently waited her turn.

 She looks like an innocent angel - right?

And when it was finally her turn, her patience was really tested when she had to wait for her polish to dry.  It was brutally hard for her to sit still!  :)

Oh but check out those nails! 

After our nails, we headed to the church to get hair and make up done.  Carli insisted on helping with Grammy's hair.

Since we were all in the wedding it was really hard to get pictures of the wedding.  :/  So I snuck a few of the pre-wedding pics of the guys and grabbed a family pic too.

Anthony with his Groomsmen. 

This is Andy demonstrating how to act "natural."

Meanwhile, Carli and Ava had a blast twirling in their princess dresses.

Eady was not much for pictures when the girls were trying to get them done.  But when I asked the girls to take a twirling break and grab a picture with Keith - Eady stepped right in!  Love her!

Quick family shot. 

The ceremony went great.  It was beautiful.  Enjoyed visiting with family and friends after at reception and especially was happy to get to see this girl and grab a good picture with her.  We rarely remember to take pictures.  This was at the end of the night, I had given up on my dress and was back in comfy clothes and Dionna was helping to clean up.  She's a special lady this one!

We had an absolute great day and enjoyed getting to be a part of such an amazing couple's wedding.  Can't wait to see all the formal pictures and ooh and ahh at how beautiful it all was all over again!  :)

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