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Monday, March 28, 2016

Easter Sunday Pictures

Apparently the dresses were a little "too much" and I was told bows would be a little over the top. My frilly girls are not so frilly any more. They wore their dresses "just this once" but "don't expect them to wear them again!"  At least the dapper little men in the group were not nearly as opinionated about their Easter best!


After church we went to a park to get a couple more group pictures that included our grandparents.

And believe it or not, Keith and I finally took a picture together...just the two of us and it turned out presentable.  It's an Easter Miracle!  :)

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Sunday, March 27, 2016

King Family Easter Egg Hunt

After lunch and family pictures, there's always lots of visiting and reminiscing.  Kids get picked on, stories get told and plans get made...

Some of us insist on an after lunch nap...

But most of the kiddos insist on an Easter Egg hunt, and so it went...

On your mark...Get Set...


Weston was the big money egg finder this year.  Drew woke up from his nap in time to come hold an egg...or two.

Eggs were found, now the loot must be explored...

But WAIT, we aren't done.  Now comes Uncle Andy's favorite part...confetti eggs!  Between us all we brought enough confetti eggs for each kid to have a dozen.  And they had a blast!!

We had a GREAT time at the reunion this year!  

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Saturday, March 26, 2016

Annual King Family Reunion

We had our annual King family reunion the Saturday of Easter weekend.  The weather was awesome and we sure did enjoy getting to see all our family!  :)  Here are the family group pictures and the Easter Egg Hunt pictures will come in another post.


Ray and Bobbie Jean with their Family
Brandon and his daughter were able to come this year!

All the King Cousins

Aunt Genell with Uncle Milton's Family

The Family Matriarchs
Aunt Genell and Aunt Olene

They decided Aunt Carolyn should be in the picture too!

Grammy and Pa with all their Grandkids

Recreating the picture from Labor Day Weekend

Uncle Cleanon, Aunt Betty, Dionna and Weston

Uncle Johnny and Aunt Carolyn

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Friday, March 25, 2016

Good Friday Fun

The kids did not have school on Good Friday so it was a productive day at home.  They made the mistake of asking me when I was going to get their laundry done, so they got to do a bit of laundry!  They've been spoiled in that I try to get the laundry done during the week so we can do other things on the wkd so they got a nice refresher course in sorting, washing, drying and folding on Friday!

I spent the day making a lot of rolls for the reunion tomorrow but while rolls were rising we got down the Easter Eggs and made sure they got all stuffed.  Ava found her bunny ears to put herself in the egg stuffing/sorting spirit!

Drew actually took a nap while the girls were home!  What?!  When he woke up I was covered in dough so Carli went in and entertained him with a book until I could get there. 

Once Drew was up and dressed, he was subjected to the bunny ears by his ever doting big sister...

Friday afternoon Dionna and Weston got to our house.  The kids had so much fun!  Dionna brought some cookies and cutters so they could make and decorate cookies.  They all did a great job!  And Dionna proved she does have the patience of a saint!  ha!

Weston and Dionna went with us to our ball practice and we enjoyed a good visit while the girls got their practicing done.  It was a good productive day!  Looking forward to tomorrow!
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