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Sunday, November 30, 2014

Rockwall Thanksgiving

We flew into Dallas with Naggy & Pappy on Friday night.  When we got to our hotel the girls insisted on staying with Naggy & Pappy in their room but after we had a bite of dinner Ava changed her mind and opted to come sleep with Momma and Daddy.  We warned Naggy about sleeping with Carli but apparently she didn't hear us.  Carli flails widely about in her sleep and Naggy had a pretty sore nose on Saturday morning.  Ava slept between Keith and I and was so cute going to sleep.  She cuddles up right next to you and seriously looks like a little angel.  But once she is in a deep sleep she seriously moves every 15 minutes.  I think she turned circles all night.  I'd reach over and pull her off Keith's back just to have her upside down the next time I woke up.  Keith swears she walked on his back all night!  Needless to say all the adult Hays' were quite exhausted come Saturday morning.  The girls on the other hand were quite chipper and ready to go see their cousins!

We had our annual Thanksgiving get together with Tessie's siblings in Rockwall on Saturday.  There was quite a good group of us and it was nice to get to visit with everyone!  The kids had a blast.  Last year at this gathering Ava broke her wrist.  We knocked on wood that things would go much better this year.  About an hour after getting to the house Carli fell down the stairs.  It was quite an acrobatic feat that she did not hurt herself terribly.  She managed to catch herself on the railing and stop her fall but in the process slammed her face against the railing so we came home with a slight black eye.  It required not doctor's visits or x-rays so we call it a win.

The kids taking turns and applauding each other on the trampoline.  Yes, we live dangerously...no netting.  :)

It was a great day but we all had to leave around 3 or 4 to get home  decent hour.  We managed to get some semi decent shots with Uncle Kevin, Aunt Megan, Naggy & Pappy...

But someone broke the news it was time to leave so our family shot turned into quite a few tears and well, not a very good picture.  :)
I am pretty sure the tears and sobs as we put the girls in the car broke Naggy & Pappy's hearts.  Maybe one day we will get them to East Texas.  :)  We can wish...

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Saturday, November 29, 2014

Shauntea & Her Elves

Shauntea has been making her appearance the Sunday after Thanksgiving for the past two years.  Since we were out of town this year and we had moved, it was obvious we were going to need a little help to get things ready for Shauntea's annual visit.  So we called in back up.  Uncle Tone and Holli really did an amazing job helping Shauntea get settled in while we were out of town.  They went all out and it was so awesome to see the girls reactions.  We may owe Uncle Tone and Holli dinner for this one - they did so much more than we could have ever imagined!

We were gone all week, they came and got things ready last Sunday and sent us teaser pictures!  Their only request was for us to please record the girls reaction...done!

The girls were completely unaware that it was time for Shauntea to make her appearance.  We got in from being gone for the last eight days and they were just excited to be home.  It kind of took a minute for them to notice a note from Santa Clause on the fireplace!

Dear Carli & Ava

The reindeer & I stopped by to drop off Shauntea.  You weren't here!  Something about a turkey & snow in Amarillo?  Shauntea learned so much from you girls last Christmas but like all of us she still has much to learn!

Lately she has not had a Godly attitude when doing the things she is suppose to!  Mrs. Clause and I thought you girls could help her again!  She is still a sneaky little elf so we need you to remind her of the type of attitude Jesus would want her to have when doing what is right!  Remember she only comes to life at night!  So keep an eye on her!

The reindeer and I helped her with some decorating.  We hope you enjoy it!  We also apologize for the mess of magic on the floor.  We were in a hurry to get back and idnd't have time to sweep it up.

Remember you only have until Christmas Eve to show her attitudes like Jesus!

Love -

Santa Clause

P.S. I left on surprise for you in the kitchen and another surprise in your bathroom, quick go see!

The level of excitement almost went through the roof while Keith read the letter from Santa.  The girls could barely contain themselves.  They ran to the kitchen and burst in to giggles at the sight of their countdown til Christmas...how did Santa know they loved pink and purple?!

Then it was off to the races to see what was in their bathroom.  They came to a screaming stop at their bedroom door.  Their Momma was so kind as to make them stop and take a picture of Shauntea's amazing d├ęcor work.

And finally, they opened the door.  Carli literally went to her knees in disbelief.  It was awesome.  :)

After admiring their Christmas tree and curly-q candy canes hanging from their lamps, they turned their attention to the bathroom...and that's where they finally found their elf!


Wow. The girls were completely surprised and so excited to have Shauntea back.  It was an awesome evening!  But then it dawned on them what a big mess Shauntea had made with all her magic so they got their brooms out and went to work.  At one point Carli yelled out:  Shauntea, use your magic to clean up this mess!  Awe man, it didn't work!  :)

 We cannot thank Uncle Tone and Holli enough for all their help with Shauntea!  We wish you could have been a fly on the wall to have seen the girls reactions.  Instead, maybe the links to YouTube videos below will suffice.  Thank you again - a million times over!

Christmas Elf 1
Christmas Elf 2

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Thursday, November 27, 2014

We are Thankful For...

Carli and Ava have been working on a daily Bible journal.  Today we focused on what we were thankful for which seemed quite appropriate.  Carli wanted everyone to know she was thankful for a lot more things but since God make them all, He got to be the only thing on her list this year.  Ava is thankful for Jesus, stars (drawing them), her puppies and toys.  She also was thankful for her family but we are too hard to draw!
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Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Big Hero 6

It's not often that a movie is out in the theater that we think is appropriate to take the girls to.  Probably more to the point, I have a hard time spending money on going to the movies and just sitting!  But we kept seeing previews of Big Hero 6 and had heard lots of good things about it and hey, we were on vacation!  So off we went to the movies in the middle of the day!  :)

The movie was really good!  It was a little intense but the girls liked it a lot.  Carli walked out of the movie saying it was awesome, but it almost made her cry (as she fanned her eyes with her hands).  Ava actually sat still through the whole movie, which is very impressive since she was literally running in circles in the lobby.  Ava said she liked the movie except the part when "he disliked (destroyed) the world."  It's funny how kids perceive things so differently!

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Tuesday, November 25, 2014

The RV Museum

One of Keith's friends from Amarillo invited us on a playdate to the RV museum.  Who would have ever known that hidden behind this giant RV lot was an amazing collection of old RV's dating back to the 1920's!

We spent a good hour walking around the RV's and getting to go in and out of them.  It was really a lot of fun!

Carli just had to have a picture in front of the "Elsa" blue motorcycle!

Look real close, I think the I'd be making a face too if Carli were really driving!

The "Scooby Do RV"

The girls with Lacey and Jet.  We all had a great time and were so grateful they invited us along!

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Sunday, November 23, 2014

To Amarillo We Go!

This year we came out to Amarillo for Thanksgiving week.  We have originally planned to drive (for the first time ever since having children) but with Pa's help we were able to cash in some Southwest points and fly.  To say the girls were beyond excited is an understatement.  While we waited for our plane to arrive the girls sat at the windows and watched the ground crew.  There was one of the ground crew that seriously looked like Santa.  Full long white beard and a jolly belly to boot.  The girls were thrilled that Santa was working on our plane and kept tabs on him.  Now...just imagine the joy and squeals of excitement when Santa turned to the window, waved right at them and did a little dance!  Wow.  They were thrilled!!

Ava was still talking about Santa making sure our plane could fly while we got settled on the plane.  She looked out the window and got so excited when there he was checking the wings of the plane!  She put her face to the window and waved and HE WAVED BACK!  I'm pretty sure that everyone in a 5 aisle radius of us could hear her excitement when she turned around and said...He saw me!  He saw me!!  Santa really saw me!!  Forget going to see Santa and all that...Southwest ground crew Santa totally made Ava and Carli's holiday!

One of the main reasons we came to Amarillo this year instead of trying to meet halfway was so we could see Grandpa Herb.  He is not much for traveling and it had been way too long since we had gotten to visit with him.  The girls warmed up to Grandpa Herb really very quickly and I think he enjoyed hearing them talk and talk and talk!

If you want to imagine belly laughs and pure joy...imagine this.  Ava trying to tickle Pappy's mustache without him knowing.  He'd jump and she'd just belly laugh.  It is so contagious!  Anywhere we went, the car was usually full of giggles!

The weekend in Amarillo was awesome...can't wait to see what the week ahead has in store!  :)

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Friday, November 21, 2014

Thanksgiving Feast at School

Ava had her Thanksgiving Feast on Thursday.  She was in charge of bringing ice cream and whipped cream...her favorites!  Her class watched A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving and then their feast consisted of the same things Charlie Brown had for his feast.  Ava is so quiet at school, I can see why her teacher loves her so much.  She's got her hands full with her classmates!  :)

Carli's Thanksgiving Feast was today.  On days like today when both Keith and I had a conflict we are very thankful that Grammy and Pa are able to fill in for us.  Carli was so excited for Grammy and Pa to come to her feast.  She called and invited them the week before and then on Wednesday night she made sure they did not forget! 

Carli was assigned to bring 30 sandwiches to her feast!  We made a combo of turkey, ham, and pbj's.  The pbj's were a hit!  :)

The few times Grammy and Naggy have been to the school to have lunch with Carli, she is not much interested in them being there.  But Grammy said Carli was so excited to have them all there today.  She was eager to take Ava and show her around.  Grammy said it was fun to watch all the other kids interacting with Carli.  All the boys would come by and speak to her and when they all left (Carli got to come home with them) all the girls had to come give her a hug! 

Since my schedule has conflicted with both the Halloween and Thanksgiving parties, I have made sure to keep the calendar open for any possible Christmas parties!  :)
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Thursday, November 20, 2014

Our Student of the Month

Carli has really surprised us as a kindergartener.  She is really starting to come out of her shell.  We were really surprised when she came home with a picture of her and the school mascot and she was smiling!

But when Carli came home with a surprise that she was awarded as Student of the Month for November, we weren't surprised we were super PROUD!  Carli is such a teacher pleaser and works so hard to do her best at school.  She follows the rules and loves to play school at home.  And the best part is that Carli was so proud of herself!  :)  She can't wait to see her picture in the paper!

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