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Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Our Responsibility Board

One of the major adjustments we are having to make since Carli started school is to help her figure out how to handle fatigue and do so without resorting to major attitude issues and breakdowns!

Carli does pretty good on Monday and Tuesday but by Wednesday she is worn out!  This usually results in her claiming to be unable to put her dishes in the kitchen, take a bath, brush her teeth, put on her pj's much less pick up her toys and be kind to her sister!  We know the cause of her drastic attitude change but that doesn't make it a good excuse to act out! 

Carli is a very list oriented strong willed child.  So after scavenging Pinterest and talking to Grandma's and other Moms, Keith and I came up with a plan. 

First, we made three list - one for the morning, afternoon and night.  It basically is a checklist of things that Carli and Ava already do but now instead of us tell them repeatedly to do it, we just tell them to pls check their list.

At the top of our board we have three jars.  We plan to put popsicle sticks in each with descriptions of family jobs, rewards and discipline.  Each day the chose a family job to do - right now I am just telling them one to do.  It's ranged from helping fold socks to sweeping the porch.  Honestly we haven't used the rewards yet, but I do have a list.  And the discipline jar would be used if they get to a red color card - and would include not so fun stuff to do and is the last resort before they get a busting.  Thankfully Carli and Ava are so set on staying on green, we having had to use the discipline jar. 

Our goal here was to be able to be consistent with discipline.  Carli can really push our buttons and in an effort to not react emotionally or out of frustration we came up with this. 

The good morning list is the same for both girls and has worked wonderfully!

Here is a picture of our whole board.  The night check list is in their room.  Each girl has a jar for Give, Save and Spend.  Each night if the girls did all their lists and stayed on green they get 4 quarters.  They put one in give, one in save and two in spend.  If they don't stay on green, they only get 2 quarters and put one each in give and save.  This is really working for Carli.  She seems to have a hard time understanding that her actions have consequences.  We've only been doing this for the last two weeks but Carli is often the one to point out and remind us about her quarters, etc.

It's still a work in progress, and I am sure we will evolve the system over time.  But for now, it is start!

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