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Sunday, November 23, 2014

To Amarillo We Go!

This year we came out to Amarillo for Thanksgiving week.  We have originally planned to drive (for the first time ever since having children) but with Pa's help we were able to cash in some Southwest points and fly.  To say the girls were beyond excited is an understatement.  While we waited for our plane to arrive the girls sat at the windows and watched the ground crew.  There was one of the ground crew that seriously looked like Santa.  Full long white beard and a jolly belly to boot.  The girls were thrilled that Santa was working on our plane and kept tabs on him.  Now...just imagine the joy and squeals of excitement when Santa turned to the window, waved right at them and did a little dance!  Wow.  They were thrilled!!

Ava was still talking about Santa making sure our plane could fly while we got settled on the plane.  She looked out the window and got so excited when there he was checking the wings of the plane!  She put her face to the window and waved and HE WAVED BACK!  I'm pretty sure that everyone in a 5 aisle radius of us could hear her excitement when she turned around and said...He saw me!  He saw me!!  Santa really saw me!!  Forget going to see Santa and all that...Southwest ground crew Santa totally made Ava and Carli's holiday!

One of the main reasons we came to Amarillo this year instead of trying to meet halfway was so we could see Grandpa Herb.  He is not much for traveling and it had been way too long since we had gotten to visit with him.  The girls warmed up to Grandpa Herb really very quickly and I think he enjoyed hearing them talk and talk and talk!

If you want to imagine belly laughs and pure joy...imagine this.  Ava trying to tickle Pappy's mustache without him knowing.  He'd jump and she'd just belly laugh.  It is so contagious!  Anywhere we went, the car was usually full of giggles!

The weekend in Amarillo was awesome...can't wait to see what the week ahead has in store!  :)

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