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Friday, February 29, 2008

Giving to Our Parents

Well, tonite is the big night that we tell our parents the news. Here is the plan. Terry and Tessie are on the road driving here as I type. When they get here, we are going to meet my parents at the Olive Garden for dinner. Probably after we eat, we are going to give them this spill about how much we appreciate all they have done to help us in the last couple of years. That we would not be where we are if it hadn't been for them and we wanted to use this dinner as an opportunity to thank them for that. **This of coarse is all true, it just really isn't the real reason for us getting them together.**

Then we are going to give each set of parents these cards that we made them:

Terry & Tessie's Card:

Dwayne & Cassie's Card:

Then we are going to give our Mom's a gift wrapped box from James Avery. This is what is in it. Do you think they will get it?

We gave them a chain also - that way they can wear it around their neck and people can ask them what it means...then they can tell them - they are having a Grandbaby!!

Woohoo!!! Wish us luck!

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Baby Announcement

It is Wednesday - the time is getting closer! My cousin, Dionna, was here last night. It was so hard to play dumb and act like I wasn't pregnant. We talked about projects, friend's babies and life in general and yet, I did good and I didn't spill the beans. Our Mom's and Dad's will know first. Everyone else, we are going to send the following card:

Think they will get it? I think it will be cool just to send it and not say anything to anyone. But after we tell our parents, who knows we maybe on the phone all night like the night we got engaged. It will be a fun weekend.

Now, all we have to do is finish the project for telling our parents. We went to James Avery on Monday and got our Mom's a necklace and we are going to make them a card. Hopefully I can finish that today or tomorrow and post a picture of them on here. I think it will be really cool.

One day closer....

Monday, February 25, 2008

It's Official

We are having a baby! Yep, it's official. We went to the doctor - they did a sonogram and there is a baby in there. Apparently a very active little baby. According to the doctor, last week I was really only 9 weeks along - so technically I am at 10 weeks today. I was disappointed b/c I was hoping to get past that 12 week mark so the morning sickness would go away - but alas I will have at least 2 more weeks.

Here are the first pictures of our baby:

Our doctor appointment was last Tuesday, but it took me this long to post b/c I have been sick. Seems I picked up some kind of strain of the flu virus when I went to the ER the week before. Maybe I will squeeze in all the sickness into the first trimester and the rest will go by with a lot less havoc! I've successfully lost 10 lbs since finding out I was pregnant. Strange since I feel like I am eating all the time, but I can't eat a lot b/c it makes me sick and I can't not eat it b/c that makes me sick. Shew. It's a no win situation.

Keith and I went to Tucson this weekend with my parents for our annual board meeting with EM America. Talk about a challenge to not let on that I felt like I was ready to throw up at any minute! It was a bit tough, since meetings tend to revolve around food. I think I did okay. It will be a relief to tell our parent this wkd. I really don't think my Mom will be surprised, but we are thinking that Tessie will cry. I wish we had a video camara!

So, now we are trying to come up with the best way to tell both sets of parents at once...too bad this blog isn't public yet so we could get some ideas from our friends! I am going to make little "pregnancy announcements" with the sonogram pictures to send to our extended family and close friends. I think that that will be kind of cool - hope people don't think it is too impersonal.

Only four more days til we tell!!

Friday, February 15, 2008

Not So Happy Valentine's Day!

Well, Valentine's day should be full of flowers, chocolate and romance - but even before making his/her appearance in the this world, our precious little baby successfully made our Valentine's Day the worst experience of my life.

Not to get into horrific details, but being pregnant does cause morning sickness and a little less known, constipation. So I was aware, that not having gone "potty" in a week was a bit unusual but I felt fine and chalked it up to the pregnancy. So at 3 pm yesterday when I felt the urge to go, I was excited! I was excited for the cramps to go away and to finally go to the bathroom - as excited as you can get on such an occasion. Unfortunately, my body had other plans. Poor Keith came home at 5 to find me nearly in tears in the bathroom. He is such a good husband. He called and talked to the nurse. He went to CVS and got a horrible thing called a suppository. And when that didn't work around 9, he went back and got something else in a big bottle - enema? **Have no worries boys, he bought the stuff, but I didn't make him help me use them.** When that failed to work it's magic, he called a nurse again - convinced me I had to go the the ER, embarrassed or not and loaded me up.

Let's just say, that the ER was the most uncomfortable, horrible experience I have ever gone through. Ever heard of compaction? Yes, well that is what I had and it was awful. I survived and felt much better after, granted a little sore. But I wouldn't wish such a fate on my worst enemy. They gave me "poop juice" to drink when I got home to help clear out the rest of my system.

So what could have caused such a horrible thing to have occured??? I have been taking my prenatal vitamins, as well as taking some liquid minerals since January. Apparently both contain iron and if you have too much iron - well, the result is my experience in the ER.

So Happy Valentine's Day everyone! I hope yours had all the romance and flowers it deserved. I for one was glad to have survived! Thanks little baby - you are already making a mark in your momma's life! :)

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Changing Times

Almost 10 weeks into this pregnancy and it is getting more and more difficult not to tell anyone. We have good reason for keeping quiet for so long. First and foremost, we have already miscarried early in a pregnancy and really didn't want to have to tell everyone that we miscarried on this one if that had happened. But as the weeks pass, we are more and more confident that we are not going to lose this baby. So, now we are keeping our secret a bit longer, b/c we want to tell our parents, both sets of our parents, at the same time.

We have successfully convinced Terry and Tessie to fly down at the end of Feb and have asked my parents to join us all for dinner that Friday night. We haven't exactly figured out how to tell them once we get them all together, but we have some neat ideas floating around.

Our house has been in a constant state of change since we purchased it over a year ago. We have pretty much painted and changed every room. With the baby on the way, we are preparing to change rooms that have already been changed! We would like to get wood floors for sure. Keith is also going to make our utility room into my office and turn the old office into the guest room and the old guest room into the baby's room. Yep, lots of work to do, but we are looking forward to it.

Can't wait to see how our parents react to our news. Only two more weeks to go!