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Friday, February 15, 2008

Not So Happy Valentine's Day!

Well, Valentine's day should be full of flowers, chocolate and romance - but even before making his/her appearance in the this world, our precious little baby successfully made our Valentine's Day the worst experience of my life.

Not to get into horrific details, but being pregnant does cause morning sickness and a little less known, constipation. So I was aware, that not having gone "potty" in a week was a bit unusual but I felt fine and chalked it up to the pregnancy. So at 3 pm yesterday when I felt the urge to go, I was excited! I was excited for the cramps to go away and to finally go to the bathroom - as excited as you can get on such an occasion. Unfortunately, my body had other plans. Poor Keith came home at 5 to find me nearly in tears in the bathroom. He is such a good husband. He called and talked to the nurse. He went to CVS and got a horrible thing called a suppository. And when that didn't work around 9, he went back and got something else in a big bottle - enema? **Have no worries boys, he bought the stuff, but I didn't make him help me use them.** When that failed to work it's magic, he called a nurse again - convinced me I had to go the the ER, embarrassed or not and loaded me up.

Let's just say, that the ER was the most uncomfortable, horrible experience I have ever gone through. Ever heard of compaction? Yes, well that is what I had and it was awful. I survived and felt much better after, granted a little sore. But I wouldn't wish such a fate on my worst enemy. They gave me "poop juice" to drink when I got home to help clear out the rest of my system.

So what could have caused such a horrible thing to have occured??? I have been taking my prenatal vitamins, as well as taking some liquid minerals since January. Apparently both contain iron and if you have too much iron - well, the result is my experience in the ER.

So Happy Valentine's Day everyone! I hope yours had all the romance and flowers it deserved. I for one was glad to have survived! Thanks little baby - you are already making a mark in your momma's life! :)

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Quilter Mom said...

Aunt SuAnne can definitely empathize with you on this one--they were giving her iron right and left when William was born! So sorry you had such a rough start--hopefully things will get better from here on out!