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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Halloween Pajama Party

Last year for my birthday my Mom bought me a sewing machine - with instructions.  I say that b/c I have a sewing machine and have for a long time.  It is really nice, all metal parts but it has no instructions and it was a bit intimidating.  So Mom got me a real simple machine and it has an instruction book.  I've gotten a little more brave over then last couple of months doing random little projects.  This week I combined my new found sewing talent with my cool Cricut to make the girls some Halloween pajamas for their school parties today. 

The sewing the pajama pants was actually easy!  I had fun with it and made a few mistakes but hey, that's how you learn.  :)  I got the shirts at Hobby Lobby  and Ava's was way too big so I played with it to make it a little more fitted.  Don't look too close because it has far from perfect, but for four hours at school it should do just fine!  I was pretty proud that I reattached the sleeves and they are pretty close to being symmetrical!  Ha!

I found out my Cricut could cut fabric, so I got it out to cut the letters out for their shirts.  I did take some short cuts, b/c I should have hemmed Ava's shirt and gone over the letters with the sewing machine but such is life.  I don't think my 4 and 2 year old minded too much!  :)  The outfits are pretty cute, but I must admit the little models sure make them super cute!

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Monday, October 29, 2012

Oak Tree Academy Fall Festival

The girls school had a fall festival last week.  I have discovered that I kind of like sewing so the girls and I picked out some fabric for some Halloween skirts.  It took me about two hours to make each skirt.  They maybe my new favorites.  :) 

 Anyway, the girls each went out to the festival at different times, so I got to hang out with Ava first.  She played a few games and ate some snacks but really wanted me to go play on the play ground with her!

 They had a miniature trick horse (or unicorn) that put on a little show for the kids.  The was really cute!  Ava kept telling ppl that a pink horse came to her school!

They also had a 2 week old baby miniature horse.  It was so cute!  Ava thought we should be able to bring it home.  She would hold it in the car while I drove!

Ava with some of her classmates and teacher on the hayride.

After Ava's class went to play on the playground, Carli's class came out to enjoy the festival.  She and her friend Shiloh are in a class full of little boys!  Ms. Donna has her hands full!

 Carli enjoyed playing the games and really liked petting the baby duck!

This is the only kind of decent picture I got with Carli and her friend Shiloh.

Carli finally agreed to get on the hay ride - she was so excited about it!  ha! 

The whole time I was with Carli's class, Ava was on the playground screaming and crying b/c I guess she thought she should be with Carli and I.  As soon as her teacher would get her to calm down we would have to walk right by the playground to go to the next little area and it would get her upset again.  By the time I left, she was hiccuping sobs and was so pitiful.  :(  I guess that means she really loves me though!  When we got her from school, she was fine and her teacher said she calmed down as soon as they got back to their classroom.  Pros and Cons of going to school events I guess...

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Friday, October 26, 2012

Miss Sarah Jewel

A couple of Friday's ago the girls and I headed to Longview with Kayla to go see little Miss Sarah Jewel and her beautiful Momma, Michelle.  Ava was so excited to get to see a baby and so was Carli.  We got to the hospital and Carli told me she was scared of the baby and wouldn't even go look at her!  Ava on the other hand was ready to hold little Sarah as soon as we walked in the door!  Carli finally did get close enough to get a look at the baby but that was it.

Ava was so good at holding Sarah.  She just stared at her in amazement.  She touched her check and her nose and then gave her a kiss.  It was too sweet!

Fast forward to Monday and the girls and I went to go watch baby Sarah while Michelle went to the doctor.  The roles were reversed this time.  Ava was too busy taking care of her own Baby and Carli wanted to wake the baby up so she could hold her and love her!  Carli did an awesome job holding Sarah and helping me out with a diaper change and bottle.
See - Ava has her eyes on her Baby that she had put in the baby swing.  Stinker.
Baby Sarah was about as pleased to have Ava hold her as Ava was that day!  ha!

Thanks Michelle for sharing your precious girl with us.  We thoroughly enjoyed our morning of babysitting!
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Thursday, October 25, 2012

Texas Rangers Pumpkin

Uncle Tone's carved a pumpkin for Keith and I as well.  I guess really it was for Keith.  But Uncle Tone would say it was for me as well since I picked a little more challenging art work than the girls did.  :)  That's what sisters are for after all - to push their siblings to do their best.  Ha!

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Friday, October 19, 2012

Pumpkin Carving with Uncle Tone

 This is the first year we have actually come home with pumpkins from the pumpkin patch.  I was debating about letting the girls take to them with paint or markers and not really even try to carve them.  I think the last time I got close to carving a pumpkin was in college, at a Halloween party and I'm pretty sure I was on clean up duty.  :)

But Uncle Tone came to the rescue when he volunteered to come carve the pumpkins for the girls.  He far exceeded their expectations of a pumpkin with triangle eyes, square nose and a rectangle mouth!  It was pretty entertaining evening.  The girls never cease to amaze me by their unpredictability.  I would have guessed Ava would have been all over helping with the pumpkins, but it was Carli who was Uncle Tone's helper.

At first the prospect of cleaning out the pumpkins was not very appealing to either girl, but Carli eventually came around to help out.

Ava, the other hand, decided that "Baby" needed to swing so she busied herself entertaining the doll.

Carli would go off and play and come back to check on Uncle Tone's progress.  If he needed anything, she would quickly volunteer to help out...

Helping Uncle Tone tape on the template.

Supervising Uncle Tone's carving technique... 

We had to stop mid-carving to grab some dinner.  But after dinner Uncle Tone finished up the first of the two pumpkins and Carli was so happy!


Carli's Cinderella Pumpkin
"Well Uncle Tone, her dress isn't blue, but she is still pretty!"

It was getting way past bedtime and so we left Uncle Tone to his specialty and got the girls ready for bed.  We even came into the dining room to do our Bible Reading and prayers with Uncle Tone.  Then we sent Ava to bed...she was melting down on us and Carli helped Uncle Tone finish up the second princess pumpkin.

She was amazed that it looked like Snow White! 

The finished pumpkins!  I think Uncle Tone did an AMAZING job and the girls, especially Carli, absolutely enjoyed having Uncle Tone over to their house!  Thanks Uncle Tone for helping create such awesome memories!

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Thursday, October 18, 2012

Pumpkin Patch

Last year we didn't go to the pumpkin patch.  We really missed it!  So this year, we went over to Moore's Farm to their pumpkin patch.  We were a little spoiled by going to Pappy's Pumpkin patch for a few years since it was free and we weren't obligated to buy a pumpkin.  But Pappy's closed, so we had to find another patch.  Moore's was really nice.  We had to pay $8 per person but you go out to the patch and pick your own pumpkin.  We came home with three pumpkins - so I guess a new tradition of carving pumpkins is about to begin! 

The girls had fun running all over the field to find the perfect pumpkins.  Carli declared them all too big but finally came to terms with one to call her own.

We took a hay ride out to the pumpkin patch.  I kept waiting for everyone to start a sneezing fit but no one was hit with allergies until later that night...so at least our pumpkin patch experience was enjoyable!

Carli LOVED the hay.  She climbed all over it and kept yelling

Ava loved the corn kernals...

My little pumpkin heads. 

We had to pay an extra $2 so the girls could come home with some baby pumpkins.
Love their baby blue eyes in this picture!

 Sisterly Love on the the haystacks.

And Carli's favorite activity:  sliding off the hay bale!

We had a good afternoon at Moore's Family Farm!  We plan to go again next year.  Keith's allergies kicked in that night and hit him so hard he was not able to go to church Sunday morning!  But at least he enjoyed the family fun the day before! 

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