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Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Pillow Case Painting Project

The girls and I volunteered to be guinea pigs for testing out the best way for a toddler to paint pillowcases.  The idea was to get the preschoolers involved in a service project.  Pillow cases were collected and the preschoolers painted them in order to send to the children's wing at the local hospitals.  First things first...the best way to paint a pillow case...Hays' style:

First we tried plain 'ol finger painting, which was pretty messy and my girls laid it on pretty thick!  When they got tired of finger painting they took their shoes off and used their toes.  They really had a wonderful time painting this way!  The bathtub that night was full of paint flecks - it was very colorful!

 We decided that that was a bit messy and time consuming to do if we didn't have a lot of help - so we flipped the pillow cases over and tried again.  We watered down the paint and made our own spray paint...the girls absolutely loved this!  I did too because the amount of paint on the girls was pretty much nothing!

And even though Carli saturated the pillow case, it didn't get too hard/caked on paint when it dried which was awesome!

Intense concentration - check out the tongue.

We even tried "brining" the cases to see if it would soften up the fabric a bit. Maybe that works better on tshirts, it didn't do much for our paint coated cases.  We enjoyed testing out methods of painting and when it came time to get the crew together to paint over 25 pillow cases, fun was had by all!

After the paint cured, we took the cases home and ran them through the wash.  Then with the girls help, we got them folded and put into baggies.  Carli and I did up a little note to include with each pillowcase.  I think the last time we did a rainbow card, it was to say Thank You to someone special.  Anyway, we had a lot of fun doing these as well!

The girls really enjoyed this little project.  We look forward to doing another one soon!
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