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Monday, October 8, 2012

Carli's Birthday Day

Carli's actual birthday fell on a Monday.  She woke up that morning and we told her Happy Birthday!  To which she responded...again?!  Ha!  Naggy and Pappy had to go home that day but before they left they treated Carli to breakfast at the donut shop. 

Carli picked out her favorite two donuts, white with sprinkles and pink icing.  She ate them both and drank part of her pink Milk and all of Ava's orange juice. Can you say hyper?

Ava sat in between Naggy and Pappy.  She had a sprinkle donut as well.  Naggy generously let Ava use her white shirt as a napkin...or maybe Ava just did and forgot to ask.  :)

After Naggy and Pappy headed home, the girls and I went to Kindermusik class.  After class we met Keith at the toy store for Carli to spend some of her birthday money on some necessities for her new doll house.
Carli was a big girl, four years old after all, so she pushed the buggy, Ava and all!

Shopping is hard work, she takes after her Momma.  :)  Birthday girls lunch of choice was Taco Bueno...yum!

After we got home and while Ava was napping, Carli and I went out to the garage to uncover it.  The garage inherited most of the "overflow" from the party, including a wet bouncer.  We pulled it out in the yard and aired it up under the pretense to let it dry out.  It dried out well and got lots of use from Carli and eventually Ava as well as our neighbor friends.  :)

That evening Carli helped me bake some purple and pink cupcakes to take to school in celebration of her birthday.  Her official job was licking the bowls.

Ava's official job was licking the beaters.

We made enough cupcakes for both Carli and Ava to take to school and share with their friends.  I sent them all and told the teachers to please not send any home!  :)

We enjoyed our "me" day on Carli's birthday!  It was a great weekend all the way around!

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