Our Carli is a Blessing - A Gift From Heaven Above

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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Ode to Old Blue

To my dear truck, Old Blue -

I remember the day we first met back in 2000. I couldn't believe my luck. There you were sitting at the bank, just waiting for someone to notice you. Grant it to fate, that Dad just happened by that day and spotted you. He knew we would make an awesome team! I took you for a test drive - you really impressed my Dad with the way you ran, but I was just so excited to not only get a truck, but a unique, pretty truck. I would never loose you in the parking lot!

We've had a lot of fun together - survived many trips back and forth to Abilene and Alto. Probably even more trips down to Houston to play softball. You were even a work truck at times, hauling off dead chickens after they committed mass suicide! I tried to keep you nice and pretty - and healthy. Got that oil changed as I should, got your hood repainted even! We both agreed that repainting your running boards would have been a waste of time since I often ran over curbs and the like. But you didn't mind - you kept right on trucking along.

The day has come when we must say good bye. It has been a good 8 years, but life circumstances are sending us in separate directions. While I can justify squeezing little Carli into your back seat, others give me funny looks and suggest I take the car. You and Keith haven't bonded well - and since I did promise to keep Keith until death do us part - I'm afraid I must let you go. The highlight of our departure, if we can find one, is that you will at least stay in the family. Uncle Tom will let me visit I'm sure on holidays! I know you will be a good truck to him, just as you were to me...

Here's to you old blue...

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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Carli Lynn's Pictures

We had our sonogram today. Carli Lynn is growing just fine and is right on schedule. She weighs about 3 lbs 13 oz. Has all her toes and fingers - and is simply just precious. She looks like Keith to me. She has his face and nose. Maybe she has dimples?! What do you think? She did move around quite a bit, but we got some good pictures of her. Only 60 more days till we meet!

Sleeping Soundly

She opens and closes her mouth...

She SMILES! How precious is this?

This one is not in color, but was taken right after her smiling picture - she put her hands in front of her face - she declared the photo session over!

I did tell the doctor that I was a 10 lb baby and had no desire to deliver a 10 lb baby! I think they'll keep a close eye on her. We go back for our regular appointment in two weeks - when Naggy is here!

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Monday, July 21, 2008

Fourth of July Pictures

So the month of July is half over, but I finally got my camera to my computer and thought I'd share a few pictures from our fourth of July. We had a lot of fun out at the lake. More pictures to come later from our wkd in Amarillo and Keith's new truck - yes, it is a sad, sad time as Old Blue is being replaced. He is such a good old truck...

Mom enjoying her new boat
Chuy and Keith
Logan in his marshmellow life jacket - isn't he cute?!
Chuy is in heaven!
Not a picture to be found on my camera that proves I was at the lake - but I was, and it was fun! More later!

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Thursday, July 10, 2008

Doctor Update

Keith and I went to the doctor today. I only gained one pound since my last visit 4 weeks ago, but Carli has grown! I am at 29 weeks and when he measured my tummy, the doctor said that she seems to be a big baby! ha! Just like her Momma. So, he wants to do another ultrasound to perhaps update her due date and check everything out again. So we get to do that in 2 weeks. Here's what is cool - he said he would do a 4-D ultrasound this time! How awesome is that? I wasn't sure I wanted to do one, but since he is offering, we definitely won't turn it down. It is going to be pretty awesome to see the toes and fingers of our baby, much less her face! The doctor said not to get too excited b/c sometimes the babies like to press their face against the uterine wall and the images won't be clear. But I'll be happy counting toes and fingers. Plus, we'll know for sure that it is a little girl - since we haven't started the nursery, there is still time to change things "just in case" they were wrong the first time! ha!

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Tuesday, July 8, 2008


So our Fourth of July weekend was an absolute blast - we met up with family down at the lake and took Mom's new boat out. Ate some good burgers, caught up with the goings on and generally enjoyed doing nothing...I took lots of pictures. I am in none - so really I can't prove I was there - but I was and it was fun. Maybe when I figure out where I put my camera - I'll post some on here.

So I thought I'd post about patience - and really, these are just a few examples, I'm sure there are many more. But girls, when you find out you are pregnant, start praying right then that God will be with your husband and give him more patience, he will need it. The following list just goes to show what a wonderfully, patient husband I have, God bless his heart.

  1. Friday, July 4th. We were in charge of drinks and ice. So we loaded up that morning, got all 80 lbs of ice, tons of drinks (water and sodas) into the truck and headed out on our 30 minute drive to the lake. We get to Troup (10 minutes out) and I tell Keith that Troup sure does have a good Sonic. Oh! And speaking of Sonic, Uncle Danny was bringing Sonic ice today for the tea...what, the tea?! Where was it? My four gallons of Red Diamond Sweet Tea sure were at home. Keith didn't miss a beat, first, he stops at the REALLY good Troup Sonic, gets us a drink and promptly goes home to recover our tea. He didn't even sigh.
  2. Also on July 4th. I have three dogs. Chuy (5 years old), WT (4 years old) & Shea (2 years old). Chuy is my most emotional and with this pregnancy has really pulled my heart strings more than once. He ends up going on trips with me all the time b/c when he refuses to take his treat and go into the kitchen it literally brings me to tears. So on July 4th, we are heading to the lake - and Chuy is going with us. Really, I don't play favorites, but he is jumping over the 4ft baby gate and really freaks out with firecrackers. So all day, Chuy lives it up, he really, really likes the boat! Here come the firecrackers that night and he flips out. So Keith, being the patient man he is, scoops Chuy up and takes him into the room (there was a rented room at the lake so we would have a/c). When I finally find them, they are both curled up on the bed, Keith completely missing the fireworks so he can keep Chuy sane. Yeah, patience.
  3. Saturday, July 5th. First, the dumb bank and electric company get their wires crossed and claim I did not pay our electric bill. I get this notice as I am heading out the door to met Mom, Michelle and Logan. It makes me mad, b/c I know I paid it. Then I doubt myself (given the recent forgetful nature I find myself in) and spend the next 10 minutes trying to talk to someone - I never get anyone and leave, really upset. I'm late, I get to the meeting spot about 20 minutes from our house - and we go out for our day of baby shower registering and such. Later that day when Mom drops me off at my truck - I can't find my keys. Literally, I did not set my purse down - where could they be?! Lets try, the truck. Yep, locked them in the truck and had to call my husband to come unlock it for me. He may have grumbled on his way down (he didn't let on though), but he brought all the dogs and just gave me a hug and followed me home. Yep, patience.
  4. Sunday, July 6th - I think I had a normal, non-patience testing day. See Keith, God answers prayers.
  5. Monday, July 7th. Woke up with a sore throat - not fun. Was getting to go to the chiropractor today - woohoo! I get my morning work done and head out for my 11:30 appt. Only they call at 11:15 and ask if I am okay since my appt was at 11 they were worried. Blast! I forgot my time! So they fit me in, chalk it up to pregnancy hormones and penciled me in for the next 6 weeks to come at 11:30 - now if I get my times mixed up - I'll just be early. Keith took me to lunch after my appt (which I didn't get out of until 12:15 b/c they worked me in). Thus making his lunch hour late and all that fun stuff. He didn't say a word. Just smiled at me, gave me a hug and ordered me a Dr. Pepper. What a patient man.
  6. Tuesday, July 8th. My perception of time was never good. Try putting a 3 lb baby in my tummy, giving me a sore throat and sending me to Alto to work. I think Keith called me 4 times making sure I was okay b/c I kept telling him I'd be heading home soon. I got home at 8 - and walked in to a freshly baked pizza and the realization that I didn't have to cook. So much for Keith's plans tonite - but he hasn't said a word. See, patience.

Oh, I'm sure there are many, many more examples - only I can't remember them. Must be the forgetfulness that they say comes with pregnancy. Wander if this is something Keith will have to put up with after the baby gets here...

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