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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Ode to Old Blue

To my dear truck, Old Blue -

I remember the day we first met back in 2000. I couldn't believe my luck. There you were sitting at the bank, just waiting for someone to notice you. Grant it to fate, that Dad just happened by that day and spotted you. He knew we would make an awesome team! I took you for a test drive - you really impressed my Dad with the way you ran, but I was just so excited to not only get a truck, but a unique, pretty truck. I would never loose you in the parking lot!

We've had a lot of fun together - survived many trips back and forth to Abilene and Alto. Probably even more trips down to Houston to play softball. You were even a work truck at times, hauling off dead chickens after they committed mass suicide! I tried to keep you nice and pretty - and healthy. Got that oil changed as I should, got your hood repainted even! We both agreed that repainting your running boards would have been a waste of time since I often ran over curbs and the like. But you didn't mind - you kept right on trucking along.

The day has come when we must say good bye. It has been a good 8 years, but life circumstances are sending us in separate directions. While I can justify squeezing little Carli into your back seat, others give me funny looks and suggest I take the car. You and Keith haven't bonded well - and since I did promise to keep Keith until death do us part - I'm afraid I must let you go. The highlight of our departure, if we can find one, is that you will at least stay in the family. Uncle Tom will let me visit I'm sure on holidays! I know you will be a good truck to him, just as you were to me...

Here's to you old blue...

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Rachael said...

the first time i really got to know you was in that truck on bid night! Then I had to drive it the next year so you could take care of Dayna! It was a good ole truck!

Amanda said...

Laresa, you are hilarious! But I also understand getting sentimental about cars. I have no idea why my father wants a truck, but it won't be the first car we've gotten from your family, and I've always thought that was kind of special. What car are you getting to replace it?

BTW, what is this about chickens committing mass suicide??