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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Bath Time!

Carli's first few baths were not the "relaxing, calming" experience all those baby books tell you it should be. She hated them. She didn't cry - nope, she screamed! But she has slowly grown accustom to bath time and at times seems to enjoy it, especially when we wash her hair. Last night, we snapped some pictures of bath time to share with you all...

Taking time to relax...

Holding on to Daddy's hand just in case (she just started doing this the last few baths, it's pretty cute!)

This is how Carli really feels about lotion - she still doesn't like it much!
All clean and ready for some pj's!

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Friday, October 24, 2008

We Survived!!

Well, Carli and I did it! We survived our first full week by ourselves. Still no schedule, but I don't think babies have schedules! ha!

Carli has changed so much in just three weeks! I am not sure how much she weighs now, but we went to the hospital last night to see our friends Adam and Kari Tyer who just had their little girl - Allie. Allie weighed almost the same as Carli did - 8 lbs 5 oz and was a half inch longer. We took a picture of the girls together - look how much bigger Carli looks compared to Allie! Wow - they sure grow fast! (Yes, Carli is still wearing those mittens, b/c I have yet to get the courage to cut her finger nails!)

And while we were at the hospital, it just happened that our favorite nurse was on duty! So we got a picture of Carli with her favorite nurse, Jamie. Jamie was the nurse that was with us the day Carli was born.

This week Carli is starting to track things with her eyes. She still isn't much for laying on the floor for long periods of times, she prefers to cuddle with someone. But the other day, she did lay on her boppy and stare at her little gym for a good 20 minutes. She grunted and squealed at it the whole time...but when she was done, she definitely let me know!

Whitety Tighty decided that Carli had a good idea with the boppy - so when Carli was done, WT gave it a try!

And finally - like Mother like Daughter. Carli sleeps on this little wedge thing that helps her stay a little elevated and that is suppose to help with her breathing and is a SIDS preventative. Pretty much any time we go get her to wake her up to eat, this is what we find. She is a squirmer! Her head should be at the top of the picture, and where her head is in this picture is where her little butt should be! She does have a hard time waking up - it seriously takes her a good 30-45 minutes to wake herself up. I napped with her yesterday and watched her. She stretches, groans, wiggles, barely opens one eye and starts it all over again. 30-45 minutes of that! And when she finally does wake up - she is starving! After all, it is hard work!

We have a big wkd planned. Keith and I are going to go early vote in the morning (we figured we would be up anyhow). Then we are going to do some yardwork before heading down to Alto to see Grammy, Pa, Grandma and Pawpaw. Then we are being brave on Sunday and going to go to church! Wish us luck!!

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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Picture Overload!

If you haven't seen enough pictures of Carli Lynn - check out her new photo site linked on the right.

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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Week 2 Ends...

Carli is almost three weeks old and we are all still alive! Woohoo! All our help left us on Sunday evening. It was so nice to have someone here to back me up and reassure us of what we were doing, but I think we were ready to try it on our own too. The first night alone wasn't too bad - Carli did stay up from 2-5 am, but we survived. She didn't feel well yesterday at all (she woke up congested on Saturday) and I ended up sitting all day with a hot baby on my chest snoozing. If I tried to put her down, her little eyes would pop open, face would turn bright red and she would start crying...so we sit and slept. Last night was much better, she didn't eat that great when we woke her up to feed her, but she did sleep good. We got up at 8, only having been awake to be fed. She has slept a lot today - not sure if that is good or not, but she is not so fussy or congested. So as week 2 comes to a close, we can safely say that we are surviving! :)

Sorry, no pictures on this post. I've been attempting to sort through pictures, and put them all on our Shutterfly site. There are more than 300 for the last two weeks, so it is taking awhile. At the same time, we are attempting to pick from the professional pics and that is no easy task.

This afternoon we get to go to the chiropractor - for me - and I am super excited. All this sitting really does a number on the back. Plus, I guess stuff is still moving back to where it should be. I dunno - but I sure do feel better when he pops everything back into place!!

Have a great evening -

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Saturday, October 18, 2008

Carli's Professional Pics

I meant to post this earlier this week, here is the link to Carli's pictures - there are only about 20 days left to view - so any help with your favorites would be appreciated as we are having a HARD time picking!!

So here is the link - http://www.picturethisbymj.com/index2.php - then click on clients, and enter hays123 in the bottom right corner. Then let us know which ones you like best! We liked them all!! :)

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Thursday, October 16, 2008

Carli's Greeting Party!

We have had lots of visitors the past two weeks - so we thought we'd say thanks by putting your pictures on our blog! Now you are all celebrities! :) Actually, we are very thankful to all our family and friends who have come to visit us and meet Carli. We have survived our first two weeks without any major upsets. Keep us in your prayers as our Naggy leaves us at the end of the week and those 1 am feedings become a little lonely!

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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Guess Who

Are both of these pictures of Carli?

If you guessed right, you would have guessed that the top picture is Keith's baby picture - not one of Carli. Honestly - it is a good thing I gave birth to this child or ppl may wander if I'm really the momma here! ha!

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Friday, October 10, 2008


Thank Goodness it is Friday - one day closer to a week of live in help - I mean, one day closer to Naggy coming to visit! :) This week was long, but good. I really can't complain. But I am tired - we had some bumps in the road with feedings and after talking to my good friend's Mom, we learned that while we may enjoy those 6 hr nights - we need to wake her up to feed her at least every four hours. And we did last night and it wasn't bad. But we didn't get our nap in today b/c we had our weight check at 8:30 this morning. She gained back 8 oz - she is back to 8 lbs 1 oz. We have to go back next Friday for another check - if she surpasses her birth weight we are in the clear until her two month vaccines. Then this afternoon we had a photographer come out to the house - you should check her out. It was a really good session, even though Carli managed to stay awake almost the entire time! Couple that with not sleeping all morning and you get an exhausted baby! :) But the photographer stayed until past 5 pm and we had a good time. We are excited to see the pictures once she gets them edited. We were all completely exhausted by 6 pm.
Tomorrow is a big day - Carli's Uncle Andy, Aunt Chelle, Cousin Logan and Uncle Tone are all coming to see her for the first time. It should be a fun day full of family. Then Sunday, Naggy will arrive and Crazy Aunt Sarah is going to come too. Lots of visitors, so I hope we figure out our feeding schedule this weekend so we can enjoy the company!

I look completely exhausted in this picture and Carli is making a funny face. But we were enjoying our hammock chair and Shea decided to join us. She took a special liking to Carli today and was quite upset when the photographer would not let her lay on the poof chair with Carli for pictures. It was really cute. Shea has been keeping close watch over Carli ever since.

After a hard day of picture taking in our diaper - we had to have a bath. She did really well, but instead of making her sleepy, she has been up for the past two hours watching baseball with Daddy.

Are you all impressed? Two postings in two days! Shew...it is hard work!

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Thursday, October 9, 2008

One Week Old

Were you all starting to wander where all the pictures went? Well - we take them, we are just slow about getting them up this last week. Our first week with Carli has been great. We can't complain. Naggy and Pappy were here for the first few days to help us out. It was very nice to have someone to rock a crying baby at 1 am! Then Grammy came and stayed with us until this Tuesday. It was wonderful to just have someone to reassure us that we were doing things right. Plus, Grammy cooked us some really good food! :) These last few days Keith and I have been on our own and we are doing pretty good. It helps that Carli has cooperated and slept 6 hrs the first night and 5 hrs last night. Although she is quite the cranky little toot today! So I must go and take care of a crying baby - I leave you with some pics for now...

If you wandered how the dogs were doing...
they are sleep deprived apparently

Carli's Cowboy Outfit - They won!
Check out our shoes
Attempting to SmileBonding with Daddy
Love from Momma

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Monday, October 6, 2008

Good Picture!

Last night, Tim and Tori were finally able to come meet Carli for the first time. During the visit, Tori was able to snap this really good picture, so we want to make sure we shared it. You can't tell, but she is sporting her Dallas Cowboys onesie...who, by the way, are 1-0 in the Carli era...although somewhat by luck, but that's another topic. Anyway, here is the pic! KH

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Sunday, October 5, 2008


Okay - okay - yes we are aware that Carli cannot see herself in the mirror - but you have to admit that the video is cute!

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Saturday, October 4, 2008

Friday, October 3, 2008

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Going Home

Hey all! Many thanks for all your thoughts and prayers! They are so much appreciated - especially yesterday. We are all doing well thus far. Carli is simply just precious. She looks so much like Keith to me - but we found some baby pictures of me - and we think she might have my forehead and complextion. I'm sure she will change tons in the months to come though.

We do get to go home today. We had the option to stay the night tonite - but they are doing construction on the hospital and it isn't very calming. They would actually keep Carli for the night and I would be considered a "courtesy" stay - so all my nice nursing help would not be here...so with Pappy and Naggy at our house - we are pretty sure we would rather just go home. So as soon as Carli is done with her tests - and passes them. And I get her fed - and happy again, we are going to pack up and go home. We are looking forward to introducing our puppy dogs to our Carli - we will record this one, it should be interesting! :)

Thanks again everyone for all your prayers - we know we are very blessed to have had you all thinking of us! Pls continue to keep us in your thoughts and prayers - life just got interesting!

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Wednesday, October 1, 2008

More Pictures

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Finally a post with no words, only pictures...

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