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Friday, October 10, 2008


Thank Goodness it is Friday - one day closer to a week of live in help - I mean, one day closer to Naggy coming to visit! :) This week was long, but good. I really can't complain. But I am tired - we had some bumps in the road with feedings and after talking to my good friend's Mom, we learned that while we may enjoy those 6 hr nights - we need to wake her up to feed her at least every four hours. And we did last night and it wasn't bad. But we didn't get our nap in today b/c we had our weight check at 8:30 this morning. She gained back 8 oz - she is back to 8 lbs 1 oz. We have to go back next Friday for another check - if she surpasses her birth weight we are in the clear until her two month vaccines. Then this afternoon we had a photographer come out to the house - you should check her out. It was a really good session, even though Carli managed to stay awake almost the entire time! Couple that with not sleeping all morning and you get an exhausted baby! :) But the photographer stayed until past 5 pm and we had a good time. We are excited to see the pictures once she gets them edited. We were all completely exhausted by 6 pm.
Tomorrow is a big day - Carli's Uncle Andy, Aunt Chelle, Cousin Logan and Uncle Tone are all coming to see her for the first time. It should be a fun day full of family. Then Sunday, Naggy will arrive and Crazy Aunt Sarah is going to come too. Lots of visitors, so I hope we figure out our feeding schedule this weekend so we can enjoy the company!

I look completely exhausted in this picture and Carli is making a funny face. But we were enjoying our hammock chair and Shea decided to join us. She took a special liking to Carli today and was quite upset when the photographer would not let her lay on the poof chair with Carli for pictures. It was really cute. Shea has been keeping close watch over Carli ever since.

After a hard day of picture taking in our diaper - we had to have a bath. She did really well, but instead of making her sleepy, she has been up for the past two hours watching baseball with Daddy.

Are you all impressed? Two postings in two days! Shew...it is hard work!

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Kelli said...

Glad to see y'all are doing well. You'll get everything figured out in time, and it will all be great! Even if you don't get it worked out, everything is more fun when Crazy Aunt Sarah is involved, so it won't really matter! Have a great week with your precious baby, Naggy and Crazy Aunt Sarah! :)

Beccalynn81 said...

Glad you are getting some help! I know I was relieved to have my mom help for a few weeks when my kids were born. It does let you relax a little more. Love the bath picture!