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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Week 2 Ends...

Carli is almost three weeks old and we are all still alive! Woohoo! All our help left us on Sunday evening. It was so nice to have someone here to back me up and reassure us of what we were doing, but I think we were ready to try it on our own too. The first night alone wasn't too bad - Carli did stay up from 2-5 am, but we survived. She didn't feel well yesterday at all (she woke up congested on Saturday) and I ended up sitting all day with a hot baby on my chest snoozing. If I tried to put her down, her little eyes would pop open, face would turn bright red and she would start crying...so we sit and slept. Last night was much better, she didn't eat that great when we woke her up to feed her, but she did sleep good. We got up at 8, only having been awake to be fed. She has slept a lot today - not sure if that is good or not, but she is not so fussy or congested. So as week 2 comes to a close, we can safely say that we are surviving! :)

Sorry, no pictures on this post. I've been attempting to sort through pictures, and put them all on our Shutterfly site. There are more than 300 for the last two weeks, so it is taking awhile. At the same time, we are attempting to pick from the professional pics and that is no easy task.

This afternoon we get to go to the chiropractor - for me - and I am super excited. All this sitting really does a number on the back. Plus, I guess stuff is still moving back to where it should be. I dunno - but I sure do feel better when he pops everything back into place!!

Have a great evening -

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1 comment:

Beccalynn81 said...

Glad to know you are surviving! I know how those newborns love to snuggle and can't stand to be sleeping alone! Take care!