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Friday, October 31, 2014

Halloween Treats for School

Carli had an informal Halloween party at school and she wanted to take treats to all her friends.  I'm okay with doing little treats for her friends, but my criteria includes the girls attempting to help fix these treats up.  I showed the girls several ideas off Pinterest and we settled on Pumpkin Teeth and Glow Sticks.  I think Ava may have helped me with one of her treats before she started breaking the glow sticks and eating the candy corn...so she got banned.  It may have been in her plans all along.  But she only had 8 friends to make treats for, Carli had 20! 

Carli did a great job helping put together her treats for all her friends.  She likes to be the boss of each project...and challenge my perfectionism...but with Daddy working as a mediator we got the job done.  :)

Our final treats

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Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Fall Festival at OTA

Ava's school had it's annual fall festival the week of Halloween.  They always have lots of neat animals for the kids to pet and love on.  There are lots of games to play and enjoy.

Ava was very excited to see her friend from her soccer team, Piper.  She rode the wagon at least three times.

Ava got to pet baby mice...yes, that was gross...

She loved on some kittens, a rabbit, and a horse and her baby.

We played lots of games...laughed a lot...

Point and throw!

It was a great day!

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Sunday, October 26, 2014

Pumpkin Carving 2014

The last couple of years Uncle Tone has come over and done a fantastic job carving pumpkins for the girls.  The first year it was all Uncle Tone - the girls were not much interested in the process of carving a pumpkin.  But they have started helping more and more as they get older.  This year they each cleaned out their pumpkin with a little help from Uncle Tone.

Ava kind of lost interest after the pumpkins were cleaned out.  Carli held on for a bit longer and supervised the carving.  She was quite the helper.  :)

Holli worked on carving her own pumpkin for her classroom.  She was a very good sport to let Carli "help."

Keith actually carved Ava's pumpkin this year.  She wanted a kitty cat.  Much simpler than her requests from years past!

Carli asked for an Elsa pumpkin and of coarse Uncle Tone delivered!

The girls with their pumpkins.

Carli and Holli with Holli's Jack-O-Lantern.

Uncle Tone and his girls with all the pumpkins.  We even had an Olaf in the mix!

After three years I would say that our pumpkin carving has become a tradition.  What awesome memories Uncle Tone helps us make each year!

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Saturday, October 25, 2014

Pumpkin Patch 2014

We made our annual trek to the Pumpkin Patch at Moore Farms.  This year Uncle Tone and Holli came with us to join in the fun.  We like going to Moore Farms b/c it is simple but enough to do to entertain the kids and satisfy the parents.  :)

The girls were so excited to take a picture for me!

The ground up some corn...

Kind of petted a goat...Carli thought they stunk so she held her hand over her nose.

They didn't have any hay bails to bounce around on this year.  I can only figure someone got hurt.  Hay bails are totally worth the risk though!  The girls missed playing on them! 

Finally, we joined the hay ride and went out to the pumpkin patch to find our perfect pumpkin.

Everyone found their perfect pumpkin.  I think Holli and Ava are kindred spirits...neither one of them wanted a dirty pumpkin!

All our pumpkins!

We had another hayride back to the farm.  I love this picture of Uncle Tone and Carli...a true smile from Uncle Tone is a rare catch on the camera!

We tried to get all our pumpkins on one wagon...it took a little extra help to push it along.  So we decided to divide and conquer!

Pumpkins picked, fun had...a few more pictures and we will call it a successful morning!

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Monday, October 20, 2014

There is Hope...

 There's been a few days in the last weeks that Ava has really surprised me with the outfits she has put together.  Granted, more times than not she puts pink strips with yellow plaid or something equally unfashionable, but there have been a few occasions she hits the mark and I just can't help but think...maybe there's hope!

But then...she breaks out the footie pajamas and my hope is replaced with laughter...

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