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Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Carli Lynn is Six

Today my baby turns six years old.  It's a little surreal...almost more so than the fact that she's in kindergarten!  Carli is such an amazing little girl.  She loves school, but hates being gone from home all day long.  At school, she is very social, everyone knows her name.  She doesn't have just one friend, but seems to play with a different group on different days.  I think that's awesome.  She loves her little sister and is anxious each day to play school and teach Ava what she's learned. 

In the last year, Carli has grown so much.  She is just as stubborn as her momma but can be as quiet/thoughtful as her daddy. She has a bit of sass that makes us dread what's to come when she's a teenager, ha!  She enjoys her space but says she wouldn't trade sharing a room with Ava to have her own, after all, Ava needs her.  Carli LOVES to learn and eats up time with her Grammy and Naggy doing puzzles and word games.  Somehow these special ladies are able to take the time we spend waiting at a restaurant and turn it into a fun learning experience...Carli eats it up.  :)

As a daddy girl myself, I totally enjoy watching Carli with the amazing men in her life.  She loves to do things with her Daddy and insist on helping him whenever he will let her.  She and her Pa love to pick on each other, a very special bond that I shared with my Pawpaw, one that I am sure will grow and mature with each year.  And if our girl ever needs a good snuggle, Pappy is her guy. 

Oh my princess Carli, what a beautiful little girl you are.  I cherish each giggle, sigh, song and story you share each day.  May your caring spirit always be with you and your desire to learn never fade.  May God continue to bless you with the endeavors you undertake.  And may God guide us as your parents to teach you to love Him, others and yourself more as each day passes.  Happy Birthday baby girl - you'll always be my chubby cheeked, precious little baby. 

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