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Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Carli's Birthday Celebration, Part 2 - The State Fair

The weekend after Carli's birthday we drove up to Rockwall to meet up with Uncle Kevin, Aunt Megan, Naggy, Pappy & our second cousins and great aunts.  The girls were beyond excited to be staying in a hotel - if only it would always stay so simple!  Naggy was having a surprise early birthday get together with her sisters but we were able to grab some dinner with Pappy at one of our favorite places, Rosa's, before calling it a night.

Saturday morning we rode the Dart Train to the State Fair Grounds.  It was a fun little adventure to our day.  The girls loved it and it helped that their second cousin Isabella joined us for the day.

Naggy and her sisters met up with us all at the fair. Our day of walking and enjoying the sites of the State Fair was great.  The girls did a pretty good job with all the walking.

They even managed to convince Uncle Kevin and Pappy to take them out on the swan boats.  I think poor Uncle Kevin and Pappy were pretty exhausted after 10 minutes on the water!

Grammy & Pa had visited the State Fair earlier in the week and told us to make sure to check out the butterfly exhibit.  It was really neat!  There were a ton of butterflies to admire and see up close.

The girls just knew that one of the men folk in our group would play a game and win them a big prize.  We all agreed that could be very time and money consuming.  So we opted for a guaranteed win and let them have the satisfaction of winning their own prize.  It worked...this year at least.

We saw lots of really neat animals, interesting people, at some great food and enjoyed just a day outside.  But after about 4 hours, it was obvious the girls were getting a little tired!

We enjoyed the stress-free ride home on the Dart and then went over to Aunt Sarah's house for a birthday celebration.  This is the second year that Aunt Sarah has really out done herself for Carli.  She opens her home up for us all as a meeting place, helps coordinate getting a cake, ice cream and drinks.  She even remembers to get special plates and napkins.  She really is so sweet. 

Here is Carli with her Princess cake...and her birthday hat from school...

After cake Carli got to open presents from both Great-Aunts, Second Cousins, Uncle Kevin & Aunt Megan and Naggy & Pappy.  She was one very happy and spoiled little girl!

Carli has matured a lot in the last year.  It was difficult last year to get her to look up and tell ppl thank you.  This year, she did not hesitate to give out hugs and say thank you after she opened all her presents. 

One of Carli's gifts was a karaoke machine.  It was a nice little cherry on top of a great birthday day to get serenaded by three beautiful little girls!

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