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Thursday, October 2, 2014

Carli's Birthday Celebration, Part 1

Carli turned 6 years old on a Wednesday and she was so excited to go to school.  She could not wait to be called to the office to get her birthday card from the principal and some birthday pencils as a gift from the front office.  In all her eagerness, she did tell me that I did not need to come eat lunch with her.  That she'd like to have a PBJ sandwich, Cheetos and a cookie in her lunch.  Well okay then. :)

Ava and I spent the morning frosting birthday cupcakes in preparation for taking them to school for snack time.  We used "The Pioneer Woman's The Best Chocolate Sheet Cake, Ever" recipe for the cupcakes and an icing full of tons of powdered sugar and cocoa for the icing.  Ava said they were very yummy!

We delivered the cupcakes to school for snack.  Carli helped us "set up" with plates and napkins at all her friends places around the room.  Then her classmates sang Happy Birthday to her and she grinned ear to ear the entire time.  She was so excited to give Mrs. Reid her birthday "High Fives!"

Ava was not as sure about being in Carli's classroom but Carli was so excited to have her there.  It was fun to sit back and watch Carli interact with all her classmates.

After school, we came home to have a quick bite to eat and opening of presents.  Although, I had forgotten to wrap the presents.  Carli was perfectly content to "open" her gift direct from the bag from the store.  Ha!  We were really impressed with Ava for keeping Carli's gift a secret for almost 5 whole days!  She even managed to not give away that she had picked out a little costume too.


Carli also received a bit of mail on her birthday and she insisted on taking a picture so I could text them to Aunt Carolyn & Uncle Johnny as well as Amber.  She didn't understand that Grandpa Herb did not get pictures on his phone!

 It was a church night and Carli was so happy to take a few cupcakes to share with her class at church.  I'm sure the other parents were very appreciative that we provided a cupcake full of sugar to their small children at 7 pm on a school night.  :)  But hey, I didn't have any leftover cupcakes, and that's always a good thing given the number of ppl with a sweet tooth in our house!

After church, Grammy, Pa and Deborah met us at the DQ for some ice cream and a little present opening.  We had to give up our weekly trips to DQ for ice cream when school started, so the girls were really happy to get to go again.  Grammy & Pa gave Carli this really cool Barbie that takes pictures.  It has been a big hit and maybe the only Barbie we own that has yet to lose any of her clothes!

Carli wore her birthday hat from school for almost a whole week.  She had a wonderful birthday day and was so excited to get to celebrate a birthday weekend too!  More on that to come...

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