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Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Carli's First Month of School

Carli started off her career as a student very well.  We were actually very surprised.  Her only complaint was that the day was so long!  But she loves to learn and once she got to school, she had a great time. 

At the end of the 3rd week of school, Keith had been gone all week so I had been taking her to school.  It was Thursday and she insisted that I walk her in, so I did.  And then she cried.  The teacher literally had to come pull her off of me.  The teacher and I were both very taken aback because Carli didn't even cry on the first day of school so this was very new.  It was a very long day for me b/c I was worried about how her day went.  It just so happened that the backpack we had ordered finally came in so Ava and I got to surprise her at the end of the day with her new gear.  She said she had a great day - so we chalked it up to her missing her daddy.  Keith came home that night and when he took her to school she did just fine!

The start of the 4th week of school started out rough.  Carli insisted that she did not want to go to school on Monday morning.  She literally screamed as I buckled her into the car.  Keith said they got to school and as they were walking into school, she threw up.  So they came home.  She was fine all day.  After a lot of talking and coaxing I finally got it out of her that the little girl who sat by her was doing very small things that were upsetting Carli.  Taking her pencil, writing on her paper, kicking her under the table, but the hair that broke the camels back was when the girl threatened to take Carli's new lunch box.  So I talked with her teacher and the teacher agreed that that could be an issue and she would move Carli.  With her new seat, Carli's attitude improved each morning and things started looking up!

Let me tell you, as a new Kindergartener Mom there are lots of things they don't tell you!  After dealing with the upset of a "little" bullying and the anxiety it causes, I was not prepared for the issue of constipation.  It seems Carli absolutely refused to use the potty at school.  In order to avoid doing so, she quit drinking water and after six weeks of this we finally figured out after multiple "accidents" that she was constipated.  The poor child.  So upon the doctor's advice we gave Carli an enema which was quite traumatic for us all only to have her writhe in pain and scream for an hour on the floor and never go to the bathroom.  So, off to the ER we went.  Long story short, for Carli's 6th birthday she got to do a GI Cleanse.  It was a very, very long day for both Carli and I.  She was to have absolutely no food all day...drink 8 oz of magnesium citrate, 3 full doses of miralax and another enema.  It took her sitting at the table for six hours before we finally go six ounces of the magnesium drink down.  By the time we got the 3 doses of miralax we were both absolutely worn out.  Grammy showed up to try to help with the enema but finally Carli had a BM and due to our sanity we opted out of the enema.  It was not an experience any of us wish to endure again!  So now, I know as a mom of a kindergartner...be aware of your kids BMs.  A weird thing to think about but something that is definitely a must to avoid the week we had.  Carli ended up missing 3 days of school and swim lessons that week.  She rang in her sixth birthday with a BAM to say the least!

Here's to smooth sailing the rest of the year!

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