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Saturday, May 30, 2009

A Week of First...

Our week has been good. Carli has had some awesome naps - and that was huge! Today was awesome. She was in such a good mood, she laughed, she played, she slept...she did not drink from a sippy cup (another story for another day). She even waved to Pappy, Naggy and Uncle Kevin on Skype. Carli is changing so fast! Enjoy our pictures of a few first....

Swinging with Daddy

Okay - so online, it rotated for me, but when I post the video on here, it is crooked. Sorry - turn your head to the side and enjoy!

Ready for our first boat ride!!

Oh - A little top heavy!

We have a good post in the works...just have to get Carli and the video camera on the same page! Stay tuned!

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Friday, May 29, 2009

We have a Softball Player...

Well - Maybe not quite yet - but we are hoping! Last night the Alto Softball team was playing in the Regional Finals (the game that determined who went to the state tournament) and we got to go. It helped that the game was in Rusk. Carli worked all day on getting ready for the game. She took a record two 2 hr naps. Took a cat nap on the way to the game and after a quick snack, warmed right up to everyone around her! She had a good time, smiles and laughs. It was fun. One top of that - the Alto girls won! They are going to the state tournament next week. Oh the memories! It was fun to get to watch them play and see some of the girls I use to play with. Hard to believe that next year, it will have been 10 years since I was in high school...where does the time go?

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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Finally - Updated Pictures

So I got way behind on Carli's Picture site - but I finally have it up to date. So - click on the right if you need a Carli Picture Fix. There are plenty there to view!

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Saturday, May 23, 2009

How do you wash a diaper...

For complete success - follow instructions closely:

Step 1 - Total exhuastion must be present. In our case, a road trip to and from TN. Four nights, five days away from home. A different hotel room every night + a 7 month old.

Step 2 - Find a place to stop in which your child has a dirty diaper, but there is no decent place to change her except for the car. I'm not sure which occasion this was, but it happened more than once. Carli got changed in the front seat of the car multiple times.

Step 3 - In an effort to not forget that we had a dirty diaper, place diaper in a place you will not forget it so that when the clean diaper is on, you can go in search of a trash can and not leave the diaper in the car for all to see/smell/step on.

Step 4 - With the diaper successfully changed, head out on the mission of finding a trash can. In our case, Keith put the diaper in the pocket of his cargo shorts so Carli would not grab it from him.

Step 5 - Encounter distraction. I'm not sure what the distraction was here. Probably stopped to talk or Carli started crying...but something happened and the diaper was forgotten about.

Step 6 - Get to hotel, check in, change into comfy clothes and relax. Make sure to put your clothes back into the suit case so they are not forgotten.

Step 7 - Arrive at home - get suitcases in house and crash.

Step 8 - 4 days go by and finally someone unpacks the suitcase and decides laundry is a must. Sort clothes and begin wash.

Step 9 - Move clothes from washer to dryer...notice that shorts are really, really bulky and heavy. Figure somehow a pair of someone elses short got crammed in there...start to investigate.

Step 10 - Realize this is not a pair of shorts...shake shorts hard over trash can...two totally absorbant, Huggie diapers fall into trash can.

Step 11 - Pray they were once wet diapers and wash that load of laundry a second time.

Step 12 - Record this in the Baby Book... :)

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Friday, May 22, 2009

Let Me Read You a Story

Watch the video and see below for the intrepretation...

Here is the story that Carli read:

"Once upon a time, a baby was born and she had an awesome Grammy. Her Grammy loved her, made her cool clothes, played with her and took her cool places. Her Grammy makes the best upside down cakes, one day the little baby will get to taste them! The baby has the best Grammy in the world and today is her Grammy's birthday. So the baby wanted to wish her Grammy a Happy Birthday and tell her that she loves her very much. The End."

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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

We have an Anniversary?

Whoa! I woke up this morning, checked my email and had a couple from ppl wishing Keith and I a happy anniversary! What? Is it May 20th already? Ha! Both Keith and I completely forgot...oops!

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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Carli's First Swim

Our first night in TN we made it all the way to Memphis. We stayed downtown, near the Peabody Hotel, but not there (it was a bit expensive). Never the less, the place we stayed was nice and had an indoor pool so Carli and Logan went swimming. This was Carli's first time to swim and she had a blast!

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Uncle Tone Graduates!

This past wkd we all drove up to TN to see Uncle Tone graduate from Freed Hardeman University. Aunt Chelle, Uncle Andy and Logan came to our house on Wednesday night and we all headed out Thursday morning for a mini vacation before the graduation festivities. Logan and Carli did awesome in the car and we made it to our first destination, Memphis, with plenty of time to spare. We got to go to the Peabody Hotel and saw the ducks - then we got to take them to the pool that night.

The next morning we headed out the Nashville. We stopped in Jackson along the way to have lunch with Uncle Tone and wish him a happy birthday! We got to Nashville and checked in to the Gaylord - an awesome hotel - and had a couple of hours to walk around before we headed to the Grand Ol Opry. It was an awesome day - wish we had had more time to play around - but really we can't complain. The hotel was great, the Grand Ol Opry was amazing and Carli did really well too.

Saturday morning came early as we had to head back to Henderson, TN to see Uncle Tone walk across the stage. The boys all went golfing after the graduation celebration and had a good time. Uncle Andy's prayers of a clearing in the rain were answered!

Sunday we all went to church with Uncle Tone one last time in TN and then headed home. Our group made it just past Little Rock and then got home about 1 pm on Monday afternoon.

It was a great trip and Carli especially enjoyed her cousin Logan. Logan would asked her "Matter, Carli" when she was upset. He would even try to put her paci in her mouth lots of times. They are so sweet together! Good thing this wkd we head to Waco to celebrate Logan's 2nd birthday! Carli might suffer Logan withdrawals otherwise! Below are lots of pics for the wkd...enjoy!

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Monday, May 18, 2009

Where have you been?

To TN and Back! It has been an exhausting weekend but rewarding none the less...pictures, movies and stories to come soon! But first, the real world calls and unfortunately I can't keep ignoring it...

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Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mother's Day and the Ipod


First, the ipod. About 2 years ago, Resa got me an ipod for Christmas. It was intended for my long commutes to work when we lived in Dallas, but it turns out, we moved two weeks after Christmas, and I really didn't need it here. She, however, does need it for her trips to Alto, so she took it from me. She loves the ipod, and was completely devastated this weekend when it quit working. The buttons wouldn't do anything, and we really weren't sure what happened...but it was definitely non-responsive. We tried restarting it, charging, everything we could but it wouldn't work. This was a very tragic thing because she uses the ipod a lot, especially in car back-and-forth from Alto. So we go look at a replacement ipod, and it's $139. So, being Mother's Day Eve, I tell her we should just go get her an iphone instead. She's been using hand-me down phones for 2 years, and really needed an upgrade. So we got her an iphone, which she loves so far. And tonight, she asks me to post about mother's day, so I come in here and mess with the ipod, and of course, it works. So I guess I get my ipod back. She really deserved the iphone, so I'm really happy we did it. Actually, the ipod is now not working again, so we're back where we were. Weird.

Now, on to Mother's Day. Carli was especially cute this morning, sporting a brand new Ralph Lauren dress, courtesy of Uncle Kevin. And for some reason, she rediscovered her tongue, so half the day was spent with Carli sticking her tongue out at people. The pew neighbors didn't seem to mind! After church, we got to go see Grammy and Pa...not to mention Grandma, Pawpaw, and Aunt Carolyn and Uncle Johnny. It was a good time. So special thanks to Uncle Kevin and Megan for the Mother's Day #1 outfit...

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Wednesday, May 6, 2009


Proof that Naggy was here this wkd
From Day 1 - Carli has hated belly time. She did roll over for a week back in January and then she was done. Been there, done that and not interested! So we have attempted belly time a little each day, but really I can only take so much whining! ha! I was started to wander if she -would ever roll over again - much less crawl. Good news, she did roll over a couple of times this week and well, who needs to crawl when you can bumbo?

Hmmmm - there's a dog over there... Surely I can reach her...
Shew - hard work, must rest
Ah Ha! I got her!
Love the puppy dog!

Shea did such an awesome job with Carli - she just let her pull and tug and didn't snap at her.

I actually got a little of her moving on video - sorry it is crooked. I can't figure out how to flop it and sorry it is 2 minutes long, she got distracted!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Terry, Pappy & Dad

Dear Terry -

I have started this note to you more than five times and the words just don't come out right. When Keith first asked me out, I have to admit, I did some asking around about him! And of coarse the first ppl I called, were the only ones I knew in Amarillo - my cousin Billy and Gina. I asked them about Keith and his family. Granted they didn't know much about Keith, but they did know about you and Tessie. The first thing they said was that you were a quiet, Godly man. A leader in the church and never hesitated to help out. I am thankful that Keith takes after his Dad in so many of these ways. You have always made me feel welcomed. I am so thankful for all you have done for me and for my family. I could not have asked for a better father-in-law. I was always blessed to have known both sets of my grandparents and to have been close to them. Carli is one lucky little girl to have such a wonderful Pappy, whom dotes on her and loves her unconditionally. Thank you Terry for making me feel like a special part of your family and for everything you have done for me.

Love - Resa

Dear Pappy -

Naggy came to see me this wkd and I was a good girl and took lots of pictures for you to see! I missed seeing you but I know that I will get to see you soon. Momma and Daddy talk about you all the time. They say you miss me lots and love me even more. I can't wait to see you again Pappy and show you how much I have grown and everything I have learned to do. Love you lots and lots!!

Love - Carli Lynn


There are a lot of very exciting events involved with having a baby. Starting with finding out we were pregnant, then finding out she was a girl, naming her, and finally bringing her into the world…it was all very exciting in and of itself, but there was always something special to get excited about. This was, of course, sharing these moments with our parents. For me, it was especially exciting to share all of this with you. You've always been a sucker for little girls, so I knew it would be a blast to share this with you...and you haven't disappointed! I still remember the reaction you gave as you found out we were having a baby, and again when we told you it was a girl. I remember it so well because I see it every time you sees Carli, whether in person or on Skype. You are a pretty special Pappy, and an amazing Dad. I feel truly honored to be your son and hope that I can be to Carli what you have been to me. ,


Monday, May 4, 2009

A Weekend with Naggy

Tessie came up to visit this weekend while Terry was at a conference. We figured we would make the most of our "live in" sitter for three days. Keith and I got to work on our neglected back yard (pictures to come upon completion) while Naggy and Carli played. I'm pretty sure Carli had a great time but Naggy had a blast! They did awesome playing, singing, and even staying on our little schedule. Carli even let Naggy put her down for naps without too much fuss. It was quite impressive! Carli definitely spoiled Naggy this wkd...ha!

Funny enough - all these pictures came from Naggy's camera, thus we have no pictures of Naggy. Actually, I took one, but she deleted before I got it copied to the computer!

Ready to go shopping...for flowers!

Helping Momma plant flowers
Such a little model
Sunday Morning Family Pic It's hard babysitting Naggy!
We definitely missed having Pappy here. We were very appreciative of Naggy's help this wkd so we could cram in a month's worth of work in the backyard. On the agenda this week...go see the chiropractor!

Have a great Monday!

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