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Saturday, May 23, 2009

How do you wash a diaper...

For complete success - follow instructions closely:

Step 1 - Total exhuastion must be present. In our case, a road trip to and from TN. Four nights, five days away from home. A different hotel room every night + a 7 month old.

Step 2 - Find a place to stop in which your child has a dirty diaper, but there is no decent place to change her except for the car. I'm not sure which occasion this was, but it happened more than once. Carli got changed in the front seat of the car multiple times.

Step 3 - In an effort to not forget that we had a dirty diaper, place diaper in a place you will not forget it so that when the clean diaper is on, you can go in search of a trash can and not leave the diaper in the car for all to see/smell/step on.

Step 4 - With the diaper successfully changed, head out on the mission of finding a trash can. In our case, Keith put the diaper in the pocket of his cargo shorts so Carli would not grab it from him.

Step 5 - Encounter distraction. I'm not sure what the distraction was here. Probably stopped to talk or Carli started crying...but something happened and the diaper was forgotten about.

Step 6 - Get to hotel, check in, change into comfy clothes and relax. Make sure to put your clothes back into the suit case so they are not forgotten.

Step 7 - Arrive at home - get suitcases in house and crash.

Step 8 - 4 days go by and finally someone unpacks the suitcase and decides laundry is a must. Sort clothes and begin wash.

Step 9 - Move clothes from washer to dryer...notice that shorts are really, really bulky and heavy. Figure somehow a pair of someone elses short got crammed in there...start to investigate.

Step 10 - Realize this is not a pair of shorts...shake shorts hard over trash can...two totally absorbant, Huggie diapers fall into trash can.

Step 11 - Pray they were once wet diapers and wash that load of laundry a second time.

Step 12 - Record this in the Baby Book... :)

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Rachael said...

That is hilarious! You definitely need to write that one down to remember forever :)

Yuri said...

Oh no!!!!

Mark's Remarks said...

This is going to sound like I "walked to school through blazing snow," but please let me tell you sometime our washing cloth diapers experience in Argentina.