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Friday, May 30, 2014

My Work Family

We've grown a lot since we first started, there's always been Eric, Dad and I...but now we have many, many more!  Here is my work family...from Arizona, to Kentucky, to Arkansas, to Texas and there's even a fellow from Virginia. 

This photo does not include all our folks who work for us pro bono...i.e. many of our spouses.  :)

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Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Mother's Day

We had a great Mother's Day this year.  We got up Sunday morning and the girls and Keith gave me a beautiful card and a gift certificate for a massage.  Then we headed off to church in Jacksonville to celebrate the day with Grammy!

Pa had problems at the chicken house that morning so he wasn't able to come to church.  :(  We took Grammy to eat at Chili's and gave her our gift.  We made her a jar full of comments and answers to questions we asked the girls about Grammy.  Grammy & the girls had fun reading through them all.

We made a jar for Naggy too and put it in the mail with a guarentee she would get it the Saturday before Mother's day.  When we called to wish her a Happy Mother's Day we were pleased to hear she had gotten her present as well and planned to read one comment each day!

We managed to snap a few pictures with our beautiful Momma before we headed home.  What an amazing example of a Godly mother our Momma is!

Grammy wasn't the only one who got some special attention!  He sure is a great Uncle to our girls!

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Monday, May 26, 2014

Last Day of School

The last day of school for the girls included a pizza party and water day!  This is an annual event.  Last year Naggy got to come watch the girls play and we were demoing our kitchen getting ready for a remodel.  This year we were packing up our house and moving out.  We like to keep May busy and interesting!  :)

Ava coming down the slip and slide!

Carli (bottom left) finally going down the slide.  In her defense the end was a very muddy mess!

I love this picture.  It reminds me of the picture I took last year at the same time.  Telling each other secrets through the fence.

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Sunday, May 25, 2014

PreK Grad

Carli graduated from PreK on May 14th.  She was so excited to have a graduation.  I was not convinced that she would sing the songs and get her certificate in front of everyone.  But she surprised me.  She sang every single song and walked right up on the step and accepted her certificate! 

She reminded me of myself.  You could tell she was doing exactly what the teacher told her to do, including keeping her hands by her side in between each song they sang. 

Her teacher was Mrs. Chrissie and Carli loves her dearly.  Mrs. Chrissie called Carli's name and Carli popped up on the step and smiled really big.  She moved so fast we didn't get a picture of her!  Her certificate says she wants to be a Princess when she grows up. 

Carli was so proud of herself and we all were so proud of her too!  Ava got to get out of class and watch Carli graduate.  Daddy and Pa came and watched too!  Her Daddy brought her flowers.

Carli had an amazing year at Oak Tree Academy!  We had planned for her to attend Kindergarten here as well, but after our house sold and we were able to find a home in the Troup school district, we decided it would be best to start her in Troup with the rest of her classmates.  Ava will be in the PreK program at Oak Tree next year.

And now, if you really want to see how awesome Carli did at graduation, watch her perform this song.  I tried to upload all four videos but only one will upload for now.  She did amazing!

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Saturday, May 24, 2014

Ava's OTA Antics

Ava's teacher sent me a few pictures of Ava at school.  These are from throughout the year and it is kind of fun to see what all she did while she was at OTA.

Check out her look of concentration!

Playing with Spaghetti!

Pure sweetness!

This is Ava's friend and birthday buddy Mitchell.  Ava's teacher, Mrs. Lena, said that they played a lot together in centers.

Here is Ava and her whole class.  Such a sweet set of kids.

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Friday, May 23, 2014

Texas Animal Day at OTA

Momma goes to school with the girls, take two!  Texas Animal Day consisted of getting to paint a horse, see lots of awesome farm animals and a few unique ones too and riding a horse!  After putting on those cowgirl boots again and taking a YeeHaw picture, we were off to have some fun!

Ava's class got to come play first.  This little horse they painted has got to be the most laid back animal I have ever seen!

Ava was not so sure about riding the pony this year, but she did love riding in the carriage.  She was a good sport and rode the horse...twice.  :)

Carli was so excited to get to see the animals this year.  We do think that this was the beginning of her fascination with ponies/horses and her never ending request to have one of her own!

This is Carli and her friend Romynn.  The momma pony that gets all painted over had a new born baby for the kids to admire.  Poor thing was trying to get some milk while her Momma was getting a makeover!

The girls had an awesome day at Texas Animal Day!

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