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Friday, June 7, 2013

Last Day of School

Our last day of school was May 16th.  It's been a busy few weeks so I am playing catch up on the blog.  :)  This was the beginning of a very long wkd.  It was Ava's birthday party and kitchen reno all rolled into three days.  We had fun - but it was a long wkd.  :)

So back to the last day of school.  It was water day at school, and God smiled on us and the sanity of our teachers by allowing the rain to pass over us and not interfere with the planned fun outside.  Naggy & Pappy flew in that morning and met us at the school.  Pappy and Keith went home to demo and Naggy and I stayed at the school for the water fun.

Last Day of School Pictures


Ava class came out first to play in the water.  Ava was a bit timid at first but once she figured out how much fun the slip n slide could be she had a blast!

This picture is out of focus but I had to post it.  I think this occurred every day the girls were at school.  They played on separate playgrounds but were out at the same time.  They would always tell me if they saw each other on the playground and their teachers would tell me that the girls always made sure to talk to each other before they would go play.

Carli warmed up pretty fast to the slip n slide and held on to this pink donut the whole time.  She had a blast!

Both girls did really well with having Naggy there with us.  They loved on her and showed off for her.  When it was time for us to leave for a little bit before coming back to get them they were okay with that.  Now that school is over - we have no tears when Momma leaves school events.  :) 
The girls had a great year at Oak Tree and were very blessed to have some amazing teachers...more on that next...

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