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Thursday, June 27, 2013

Day 3: A Day at the Beach!

We wasted no time on Monday morning heading out to the beach after breakfast.  We had seen a lot of ppl driving on the beach so we decided to investigate where they were finding the access road.  We found it about 0.5 mile down from our neighborhood and set up shop in our own little remote section on the beach.  It was a pretty awesome morning of doing nothing but playing in the waves and sand!

Carli & Pa had a good time splashing water and chasing each other through the surf!

Ava really liked the water, but she really took to working on digging in the sand.  She really enjoyed destroying anything someone else had built!  She had a nice evil laugh to go along with her Godzilla act!

Ava is losing her baby face, but in this picture I managed to prove that she still has a little baby still left in her!

Carli & Grammy worked hard on packing their bucket full of sand.  Grammy was getting it nicely packed in and Carli kept adding a little bit of water when ever Grammy wasn't paying attention.  When it was time to dump out, it was kind of stuck in their bucket!  They did a little too good of a job packing!  Pretty sure it was the added water that defeated the plan!

The girls "falling" into the waves.

Uncle Danny convinced Grandma to let him drive her out on the beach.  The girls were so excited to see her and put on quite a show for her in the water!  We couldn't convince her to get out of the truck b/c we didn't have any shade for her to sit under.  It was still a really cool thing that she got to come out and see what all the fuss was about.  :)  Kudos to Uncle Danny for going the extra mile to make two little girls happy!

Here the girls are showing Grandma how fast they can run through the water. 

Carli & Naggy were having quite the conversation!  It's a little bright but I had to post Carli laughing at whatever it was that Naggy was telling her!

Uncle Tone jumping waves!

 Ava pulling Carli into the water...Grammy had to help a little!

Carli did do her share of pulling too - we were not sure how Ava could be comfortable in that position but it never failed that's how she would get on when it was her turn to get pulled!

After naps, we headed to Seaside (I think) to a little Mom & Pop fish place.  I don't eat fish but everyone that did said it was yummy!  :)  Ava was quite social and made herself comfy talking to Uncle Danny about her day.

These two have a very special relationship.  It was fun to just sit and watch them interact.

We ate dinner a little early so when we got back to the beach house the girls went outside to play with bubbles Grammy had brought them (or maybe they played in the bubbles before we went out to eat...I can't remember!).  I think I should invest in one of those automatic bubble machines b/c Ava is more interested in popping the bubbles than blowing them!

It became a nightly game for the girls to use their extra balloons that Uncle Danny got them to entertain everyone (you know since the Rangers weren't really playing decent ball that week anyhow).  The girls would get the balloons blown up and come hand them to you untied and giggle hysterically when the air came out of the balloon and caused the balloon to fly away.  Keith actually managed to capture Ava's pure joy laughter...it was priceless!

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