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Sunday, June 30, 2013

Day 6 & 7: Enjoying Family & Fun

On Wednesday night Weston and his Mom and Dad came down to spend a couple of days with us on the beach.  The girls were so excited to get to play with "Baby Weston."  Thursday morning we headed out to the beach for some more fun.  This was Weston's first time to see the ocean - he was more interested in all the dirt!  It took a little encouragement from his Daddy before he decided that the waves and the water weren't so bad after all.  If you added in a bucket and shovel, it was a little boys paradise!

Every time a wave would come this would be the look on Weston's face...

Carli and Ava become pros at the whole beach thing.  Carli got pretty good at using her boogie board.  She didn't even need any one's help to catch a wave!

Ava got really good at building a nice sand castle, with Pappy's help, and then demolishing it in no time flat!

Keith had bought the girls a princess kite and we finally got it out at the end of the week.  Carli and Ava got a real kick out of watching it fly!

And then the girls got a little mischievous and Pappy was a good sport to act surprised every time they poured a bucket of water over him!

We cooked out on Thursday and Friday night.  We had steaks on Thursday night.  Turns out whoever had the house before us must have put char coal in the gas grill b/c it had flames going everywhere.  Ron even hunted down a fire extinguisher to take outside just in case!  Surprisingly the steaks turned out really good!  But on Friday night when it was time for dinner we opted to go over to Uncle Danny's condo and use the grills there.  The kids had a lot of fun in Uncle Danny's place and remembering that we were there last year.

Grammy was a good sport and let Carli fix her hair before dinner one night.

We had a great time on our week long vacation and enjoyed all the various family that got to come and go throughout the week.  It was pretty cool to sit Mom up in the back room with her sewing machine so she could sew (one of her favorite things to do) and listen to the ocean.  Keith read more than one book and I actually got some random things done too.  I'm pretty sure Naggy and Pappy were worn out from all the constant entertaining they did with the girls, but the memories made were so worth it!  It was a great week and we are blessed to have gotten to share it with everyone!

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