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Friday, May 28, 2010

Our New Little Family

Saturday we had a photographer come out to take Ava's newborn pictures and catch some pictures of our new little family. She brought the CD over yesterday - and there are some awesome shots. Here's a preview:

The Famous Yawn Picture
Despite Carli's best efforts, we got some pretty awesome pictures!
One of my favorite!
Or this one...hard to pick!
Hayley with Spur Studio came out to our house to take these - she was really laid back and just basically took some pictures of us all interacting and those were the best. She has an awesome deal going on right now too - call before June 1 and she'll come do an hour session with you and give you all the pics on a CD for $50 - check her out: www.spurstudiotx.com.

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Thursday, May 27, 2010

Mom #3 Comes to Visit!

Last Thursday we had a surprised visitor when Ms. Jamie, AKA Mom #3, stopped by to pay us a visit. We were so surprised to see her! It was fun to catch up in between the baby crying and Carli stealing Ms. Jamie away to go play outside, slide down the slide and swing a little!

Thanks for coming to see us and for all the awesome goodies you brought Ms Jamie! Carli says you can come by any time you feel the need to blow some more bubbles and slide!

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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

First Doctor Visit

Ava and Carli both had a doctors visit last Tuesday. This was Ava's follow up on her release from the hospital and Carli's ear follow up. Both passed with flying colors. I think Carli hollered more than Ava did. Carli got upset when the doctor looked at her and when she looked at Ava! Already a protective big sister!

Ava Ruth
6 lbs 12 oz
May 18th

With Carli I had no troubles with nursing, but with Ava we were struggling a bit with her latch. It is very painful. I told the pedi about it and she was an angel and called over to ETMC and set me with the lactation consultant right then. So Ava and I headed over and learned that she rolls her bottom lip when she latches and this is b/c the muscle on her bottom lip is tight. With time (2-4 weeks) it should loosen up a lot, but until then I have to try to unroll it once she is latched on (not an easy feat) and simply endure the pain! Ouch! I went ahead and called my friend, Amber's Mom, out in CA who is a lactation consultant too. She gave me some other pointers and we are doing a bit better now. Helps to hear that all will be okay from someone you know vs someone you don't.

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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Ava's Visitors

We have been blessed with wonderful friends. Many of whom spent a Saturday working at my house before Ava came, so I would relax and enjoy my last week of pregnancy. Thanks guys for all you do for us - we are so appreciative and honored.

Tori and Tim Webb

Adam Tyer (Kari somehow managed to not have her picture taken)

Kori Koewn (who had her wisdom teeth out the day before!) and Sarah Smith

Sarah with Ava

Eli and Amy Clem
Tiffany and Nathan managed to escape with no picture as well!

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Monday, May 24, 2010

The Best Family

We have been blessed with a wonderful family - and we are reminded of that blessing especially now. We were not lacking in help, prayers and company with the arrival of Ava. And we wanted to publicly thank our families for the support and sacrifices they have made for us in order to let us know that they love our little family.

The Hays'

The King's

Great Aunt Carolyn

Uncle Tone (who almost had to share his birthday with Ava.)

Aunt Chelle and Cousin Logan who brought Logan's NeNe too when they made a one day trip all the way from Waco just to meet Ava and for Logan to give Aunt Resa a hug of coarse!

Great Grandma and Great Pawpaw - I am so honored and blessed that they not only get to see my girls often but that they get to spend time with them. A true blessing.

Four Generations of Kings

The girls and I with Great Grandma and Grammy

The girls and I with their Grandmas
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Sunday, May 23, 2010

The Big Sister

I was worried about how Carli would react to bringing Ava home. Honestly she just wants to know where the baby is at all times and will go on her way to play. It helped having Naggy here for a whole week b/c she got lots and lots of attention. The true test is this coming week, when it is just us. But so far, Carli has adjusted fairly well - I'm sure we'll have our ups and downs - but so far so good!

This is how Carli gets ready for a bath!

Carli still seemed so small to me, until we brought Ava home - Carli's a toddler now! Where did the time go?

Carli was suppose to be taking family pictures, instead she choose to slide.

Wearing her hat, just like Daddy.

My two peas in a pod - they still look so much alike!

Now this is how you sit in a chair!
Hard to believe she is growing so fast - I came home from the hospital and she was saying words I'd never heard her say before. She repeats words you say now too...kind of crazy! She is a fearless climber, but hates loud noises. To say she loves to go outside is an understatement - pretty sure she got that from me. Mosquitoes love to have her come outside too! She loves to wear her shoes and asks for them first thing in the morning. Sometimes she wants her hair in a pony tail, some times she does not. Just today she actually asked for a bow, because Ava had one. Her favorite new toy is the baby swing - needless to say Ava only gets put in the swing when Carli goes to bed! She bows her head to pray at the table and will say Amen if she thinks the prayer is too long. She needs her milk as soon as she gets up in the morning and right before bed - other than that, she refuses to drink it. She loves to wrestle with her daddy at night. She is an amazing little girl and I am so proud of her.

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Saturday, May 22, 2010

Happy Birthday Grammy!

Today is my Mom's birthday. I just wanted to say thanks to her. She is the best Mom anyone could ask for. I know lots of ppl say that about their moms, but I mean it with all my heart. She is my friend, my mentor and my role model. I am very very lucky to have her and I couldn't ask for a better Grammy to my girls. Thanks Mom for the sacrifices you make for us all and for being a source of strength for me. I love you very much!

**Insert Cute Picture of Mom with the Girls Here.**

(Only I don't have one yet b/c at the hospital Mom was taking care of me while a lot of the picture taking was going on - I'll have to try to get one tonite when she comes over to babysit, on her birthday, so that Keith and I can go out for our anniversary.)

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Thing 1 & Thing 2

For Christmas, Uncle Tone gave Carli a "Thing 1" Shirt and gave Baby 2.0 (now known as Ava) a "Thing 2" shirt...

Today we had Ava's newborn pictures taken and couldn't resist getting a couple in their shirts...here is just a sample of a pic that Naggy snapped in between takes.

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Friday, May 21, 2010

The Day I Became a Momma...Again!

**This is a bit long, but I put lots of pics at the end if you make it that far!**

I thought that I should take what few moments I have and write down Ava's birthday events while I could remember. I'm sure I've already forgotten some, but this maybe more for my benefit than anyone else's since I have not been very good at putting things in baby books...one day I hope to get the blog turned into a scrapbook/memoir type thing and at least the girls will have that!

I'm not sure who talked who into going ahead with an induction. But in the end it made the most sense. Keith's parents could be here as they were with Carli's birth. Carli would be taken care of by all the family that was in town and Keith would not have to stress about me going into labor and not knowing it until it was too late to get to the hospital. So it was - I called the doctor last Monday and requested an induction on Friday morning. Since I was already dilated, he agreed and we were sit to go.

Naggy and Pappy got here Wednesday and helped us with last minute things on our to do list. The house was a disaster when they arrived. To say it was all put together by Friday would be a stretch, but at least the baby clothes were put up and everything had a place to belong; whether or not it was in its place was another story. But I felt better about things and not near as stressed. We went to the doctor on Thursday - I was still at a 2, Ava's heart beat sounded great and the doctor told us he'd see us bright and early in the morning.

Friday morning at 4:30 Keith and I headed to the hospital. We took one last belly shot for good measure and I actually remembered to measure my belly all the way around - 41 inches...nice! Bear in mind, this picture was taken at 4:30 am!

We got to the hospital, got checked in and got settled into our room. The nurse had a hard time getting an IV into my arm and it hurt! After blowing out one vein, they found another further up my arm in a not very comfy spot, but they got it in after what seemed like forever and my pitocin was started by 6:30.

At 7:30, the doc came by and broke my water. I was at a 3 at this point. The contractions were not uncomfortable really. Every time I had one, my first thought was that I had to go to the bathroom. At one point I made Keith unhook me to let me go...only I didn't need to go b/c they don't let you have any water when you are in labor! Argh! And thus Keith confirmed that he was thankful we were being induced and I was not having to tell him when my contractions came and went since I thought I just needed to go to the bathroom all the time! So, at 7:30 my water was broken and the fun really began.

I literally went from having an uncomfortable feeling like I had to go the bathroom to the most unbearable pain I have ever felt. Actually, I told my mom that it felt the same if not worse than the contraction pain I felt when I was without an epi with Carli in the last stages of labor - so I was at a 10 and ready to deliver...and these contractions felt like that and it hurt, extremely hurt. The nurse told me that Ava was so far down that by him breaking my water, he broke the "balloon" that was the cushion between she and I. I didn't care what the explanation was - I just knew I was in extreme pain and I was only in hour 2 of my labor. I was petrified.

Thankfully, one of our reasons for induction was to make sure my Mom would be there. She was the calming force for me when Carli was born. Keith was there but he'll tell you that he couldn't stand to see me in pain, he literally goes blank. So, our big request was that Mom needed to be there b/c she had to tell me to breathe and that it would be okay - after all if Mom says it is okay, you believe her right? So Mom was there telling me to breathe and all would be okay. Keith was there holding my hand...or rather I was squeezing the day lights out of his...and we waited. It took the epi guy FOREVER to get there...actually, it only took him about 15 minutes. But when you have a contraction ever minute that was lasting for over a minute...that was a long, long time!

Epi guy arrived, attempted to ask me questions. He was oblivious to the looks I was giving him since I could not talk b/c it hurt so badly...Keith answered his questions. It is true that Keith "blacked out" during the epi. We are not sure why. He did this with Carli too - only they had a chair behind him and he just sat down and was okay. Things were moving so fast that they didn't get a chair behind him and my Mom barely made it over to him to help him lay on the floor. He doesn't see anything - the epi needle or anything, but maybe the thought of it, the fact I was shaking uncontrollably...I dunno...but it gets him.

Thankfully, I am a prime candidate for the epidural and when it was in it worked and life was once again good. So good that I went to sleep and it was the best sleep I had had in nine months! After Ava was born the nurse told me that she was afraid it was too late for the epidural. That I had progressed so fast, that she was scared to check me b/c she thought I had progressed too far. I don't remember if they checked me after the epidural. I just slept.

I woke up at 11:45 - the nurse checked me and said, she would call the doctor! Whoa! Are you kidding me? And she did and he showed up by noon. I literally pushed twice and Ava was here. Six total hours in labor, and one beautiful baby.

Keith has a legitimate fear. All of us kids were born naturally without an epi to my mom b/c she always skipped that middle stage of labor when you can get an epidural. So, to say I have not felt the "not unbearable, but very much uncomfortable" labor pains is not a lie. I literally skipped that step and had I not been at the hospital I would not have gotten those good ol meds! Woohoo for inductions!!

Ms Ava was born at 12:16 pm on May 14, 2010. She weighed 7 lbs 5 oz, almost a whole pound lighter than her sister and was 19.75 inches long. She was delivered at exactly 39 weeks 2 days - vs the 41 weeks her sister was delivered at.

Keith and the newest lady in his life.

Tessie will tell you I had a "Soap Opra" doctor...I remembered to get a picture of him this time around. Dr. Luzzeitti was an awesome doctor, especially since I didn't have to go 41 weeks this time!

Carli meeting Ava for the very first time.

First Family Picture as a Family of Four.

Momma with her two girls.

The girls with their Grammy and Naggy.

One of my favorites...Carli just wanted to hold Ava.

Group Family Shot.
Ava Ruth Hays
Carli with her new baby, feeding her a bottle.
The girls, ready to go home!
Really? We get to bring her home?!

Recovery has gone much easier this time - nursing has been a little more difficult. But things are getting better. Tomorrow we are having Ava's newborn pictures taken and sadly Naggy has to go back home. Watch out real world...here we come!!

More to come, I am a bit slower posting this time around b/c we are in the middle of moving pictures around to a new computer and well, I have two kids now - time was short before...it really is now!

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