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Sunday, May 23, 2010

The Big Sister

I was worried about how Carli would react to bringing Ava home. Honestly she just wants to know where the baby is at all times and will go on her way to play. It helped having Naggy here for a whole week b/c she got lots and lots of attention. The true test is this coming week, when it is just us. But so far, Carli has adjusted fairly well - I'm sure we'll have our ups and downs - but so far so good!

This is how Carli gets ready for a bath!

Carli still seemed so small to me, until we brought Ava home - Carli's a toddler now! Where did the time go?

Carli was suppose to be taking family pictures, instead she choose to slide.

Wearing her hat, just like Daddy.

My two peas in a pod - they still look so much alike!

Now this is how you sit in a chair!
Hard to believe she is growing so fast - I came home from the hospital and she was saying words I'd never heard her say before. She repeats words you say now too...kind of crazy! She is a fearless climber, but hates loud noises. To say she loves to go outside is an understatement - pretty sure she got that from me. Mosquitoes love to have her come outside too! She loves to wear her shoes and asks for them first thing in the morning. Sometimes she wants her hair in a pony tail, some times she does not. Just today she actually asked for a bow, because Ava had one. Her favorite new toy is the baby swing - needless to say Ava only gets put in the swing when Carli goes to bed! She bows her head to pray at the table and will say Amen if she thinks the prayer is too long. She needs her milk as soon as she gets up in the morning and right before bed - other than that, she refuses to drink it. She loves to wrestle with her daddy at night. She is an amazing little girl and I am so proud of her.

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