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Saturday, May 8, 2010

Ready or Not

So, if you are on facebook, you will have noticed that Thursday I freaked out a bit. But it's okay, I'm fine now. :) I did a much better job keeping the blog updated with the goings on of what we were doing, expecting, etc when Carli was due to arrive. I was so ready for her to be here that she made us wait 10 days past her due date. And I updated the blog a lot. I hope that one day Ava does not look back on this and think that I did not have the same anticipation and excitement for her arrival. I do, I just don't have the time - stamina - patience - TIME! :)

According to the doctor, Ava could be here at any moment. This is new to me. With Carli I never dilated until I was at the hospital to be induced. I was at exactly 41 weeks had not felt a contraction, been uncomfortable, nothing. But Thursday I learned while I am at only 38 weeks, I am dilated to a 2. I had to ask the doctor what did that mean!

He basically told me that he could feel Ava's head, she has already dropped. He had a hard time listening to her heartbeat b/c she kept either kicking the probe or there was a contraction. I was oblivious. The doctor kept saying, don't you feel that? That's a contraction. I'd say, no it's not! That's Ava kicking my ribs! Go figure. He said that he had good news and bad news...the good news is that I have a high tolerance for pain...the bad news is that I have a high tolerance for pain....hmmmmm.

So when I got home, I was freaking a little. I have nothing ready - my house is in a state of chaos, work is busy, and my 19 month old thinks it's time to take every toy out of the toy box and disperse it around the house. *sigh* AND since the doctor so kindly pointed out that those were contractions I was feeling and not Ava kicking the heck of me...I felt them...a lot of them...and it was freaking me out.

I am thankful for friends. I called one of our friends, Kori, who had graciously taken all my baby clothes to wash and asked her the most random questions - I was trying to get organized but I'm not sure I was making sense to her. She called me back later and told me she and her husband were coming over. She'd bring the clothes and help me get them put up and her husband would help Keith with whatever was needed. By the end of the night, I felt better - I wasn't a basket case - and was no longer convinced the world would fall apart. So I called my Mom, I couldn't call her earlier b/c I would have bawled the whole time! :)

Friday was better - I went to work in Alto...I got to see my family, including my cousins from Washington and Amarillo! AND I got to eat Little Mexico...life was good Friday! :)

Saturday, we worked. We had lots of friends over - bless their hearts. They painted, and painted and painted. Our yard is now mowed, and edged. Our doors and trim are all painted and ready for the new door knobs that we bought two years ago. The linen closet project is so close to being done. All of Ava's clothes are here, clean and ready to be put up - well most are put up, but I ran out of room. And the baby bed is painted. I wasn't expecting that and I was so thankful to the Nathan and David for accomplishing that feat! So, we got lots done and I let me tell you - we are so blessed. I think we might actually stand a chance at finishing one of my impossible lists...just maybe! :)

So - such is an update. So much else has gone on...so many pictures I need to post...so many pictures I haven't taken. But sometimes, that's life and it just doesn't happen. Please send up a prayer that we make it to my appointment next Thursday - I might give in to being induced, if my impossible list gets done that is!

And just b/c this is super long - I can't sign off without a picture of the big sister...she's been one hard working little girl these days!

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