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Thursday, December 29, 2016

New Paint Living Room

When we bought our house, the first thing Keith said was NO PAINTING!  But two years later when he asked what I wanted for Christmas, I asked him to paint my living room which also meant the dining room and kitchen.  And that's exactly what he did!  I love the color and it makes everything so much brighter!

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Final Elf Shenanigans

Talking to Frosty

They got a headstart to Fort Worth. 

Turned out it was cold in Ft Worth and the Elves tried their best to stay warm! 

Meet you at the house!

Playing a little Basketball

Playing Connect Four and saying "HI"


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Tuesday, December 27, 2016


So what had happened was...Naggy and Pappy bought the kids a zip line for Christmas and lots of fun has been had by all, then Grammy and Pa bought the kids a cool new swing and we couldn't find a good enough branch to hang it from. So Carli said, "Why can't we combine them and make one awesome zipline swing?!" So we did, and I'm pretty sure Pawpaw is smiling down from heaven with the riggin' that went on over here tonight!

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Monday, December 26, 2016

Christmas at Grammy & Pa's

Christmas is so much fun with cousins!  We had Christmas with Grammy & Pa on Christmas day in the evening.  Getting a cousin picture still isn't so easy...

Drew enjoyed dinner so much, we had to strip him of his shirt!  Our gift exchange was fun as always!  The kids had a great time and Pa taught Drew how to do "Tarzan!"

I so enjoy watching my daddy with my kids!  Drew sporting Pa's new Astro's beanie.

Ava and Pa sharing the Little Debbie Oatmeal Pies she bought him for Christmas.

It was a late night but lots of fun!  We so appreciate the memories Grammy and Pa work so hard to help make for their grandkids!  It was a very merry Christmas in deed!

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Sunday, December 25, 2016

Christmas Morning

The children were all tucked snug into bed - milk and cookies were laid out just so...

And then we found a special note from Ava to Santa:  From Carli, Ava and Drew.  We kind of had trouble with Carli.  :)

Santa came and left some goodies.

Sunday morning, we actually had to wake the kids up!  Had it been any morning other than Sunday we would have let them sleep in!  They were pretty excited about their Santa gifts and then Ava looked behind their gifts and found...

Santa left boot prints in front of the fireplace!

After the excitement of Santa gifts, we grabbed the much needed picture in front of the tree.

And started a new annual picture...

Then it was time for stockings and gifts!!

After eating our Christmas morning cinnamon rolls, courtesy of Carli's hard work, we got dressed up for church...a few more pictures and then off to celebrate with our church family!!

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Saturday, December 24, 2016

King Family Christmas

We celebrated our King Family Christmas on Christmas Eve this year.  We sure enjoyed getting to visit with our family and meeting little Colton for the first time.  Keith and I are SO thankful for Allison and Jake for entertaining all the smaller cousins so we could enjoy adult conversations.  :)


Carli and Ava with sweet baby Colton.  :)

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