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Saturday, June 8, 2013

We Love Our Teachers!

The girls were blessed with amazing teachers this year.  We could not have asked for anyone better.  Grammy is a teacher and I truly can appreciate the time and effort teachers put into their jobs.  I was blown away by how much their teachers loved their Christmas gift we gave them.  I was pretty stumped with what to do for the end of the year gift.  Finally, I had a grand idea (with very little time) but wanted to pursue it b/c I wanted it to be meaningful and not just an empty gesture of thanks.  So...here it goes. 
I had in mind a simply board book of pictures with the girls and their teachers and little stories or notes of thanks thrown in...simple but not as easy as it sounds...first, here are the books (you can click on each picture to make it larger).
This was Ava's first ever school year.  She had an awesome teacher whom she loves dearly!
Here is Mrs. Robin & Ava
Front Cover Wordle
These are all words Ava used to describe Mrs. Robin

First Page
A note of thanks for giving us peace of mind when sending Ava off for her first day at school.

Ava's learned skill of "gig'em" from Mrs. Robin.

Mrs. Robin and Ava looking up at her pink stars in the sky.

A thank you note from us to Mrs. Robin.

Ava's ThankYou Picture and signed name.

This was technically Carli's first full year at Oak Tree - she started mid-semester last year.  Mrs. Donna was great and Carli really enjoyed being in her class.

Mrs. Donna's Wordle
All Words Carli used to describe Mrs. Donna

First day note of thanks for giving us peace of mind on that first day of school.

A picture of Carli and Mrs. Donna as drawn by Carli.

Carli loved Mrs. Donna's hands on teaching method.  She came home with LOTS of artwork and loved telling us about it all.  This is a picture she drew of a dinosaur and a picture of her hanging her bird feeder up in a tree.

Our thank you note to Mrs. Donna for a great school year.

Carli's Thank You picture with her signature.

Cute idea - right?  Next year, I think I'll just do thick scrapbook paper and laminate and bind them.  The board book idea was great but the modge podge peeled off the pictures and then when in a desperate attempt to get them to seal I sprayed them with polycrylic which pretty much ate the pictures.  So at 11 pm the night before the last day of school I was pulling off pictures and simply gluing them down with a glue stick.  I was so disappointed that they did not turn out perfect - but maybe the thought counted more than the looks!

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