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Sunday, May 18, 2014

Good-Bye 1808 Onyx Cove

1808 Onyx Cove.  This was our first home purchase.  Our first renovation.  Our first everything.  We brought our babies home from the hospital to this house.  They first laughed, walked and celebrated their birthday's here.  Our neighbors were amazing.  Our house just right.  We changed every single room...more than just paint.  We put in floors, windows, a new kitchen, new mantle, holes in the wall, new things built, new bathrooms, new landscaping and everything was just perfect.  Our home was perfect, it was small.  But love grows best in little houses and we were content, but we weren't in the school district we wanted our girls to start school in.  And though it was a very tough descision, we put up a sign and we said good bye.  Our beloved little house sold in one day.  It was a hard day when we shut the door one last time and walked away.  1808 Onyx Cove isn't ours any more, but it holds so many special memories - and I wouldn't change a one.


Keith built in the new mantle with DVD storage on each side and component storage behind the glass.

We added the dining room storage during our kitchen reno.

We kept the kitchen layout the same, but instead of having a bar height bar, we cut it down to counter level to add a feel openess and gain counter space.  We put in new cabinets, backsplash, countertops, sink, appliances and floors.

The master bedroom got new paint and carpet when we moved in 7 years before.

The master bath endured two complete renos.  New paint, crown, floors, vanities, in wall medicine cabinets and a new shower.

One of my favorite projects, the linen closet.  It was just a big empty closet, but it had storage galore by the time we were done with it.

We added the trim around the top of the girls room and painted it this color when we were expecting Carli.  We kept the color through two nurseries and into the big girl room.

The girls bathroom.  We put in crown and painted the vanity and trim work deep brown.

The playroom.  It changed a lot in our time here but this was my favorite "stage" by far.

The converted laundry room into a built in office.  It was small but everything had it's place.  Keith built it all.

Our backyard use to have a deck off that big window and the rest of the yard was all overgrown flower beds.  We put a lot of work into that backyard.

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