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Thursday, May 15, 2014

Ava Birthday

Ava's birthday fell on a Wednesday this year which meant it was a school day and just happened to be the same day as Carli's Pre-K graduation.  It was a busy day celebrating our girls.  Ava requested a cookie cake to share with her classmates and picked out pretty much the same design as she had last year.

Her friends at school were pretty excited to eat all that icing!  I managed to snag a quick picture of the birthday girl with her cake before they dug in...

Her class did sing Happy Birthday to her and she ate up the attention and then more than one piece of her birthday cake.  :)

After singing and cake, I took Ava out of class so she could go watch Carli graduate.  After graduation we had lunch and then ran home to change into our gymnastics gear for class.  When we got done with class and Keith got home from work we gave her our gift.  It was a big girl car seat that she has been asking for.  It's not the color that we wanted but they changed the design and we were hoping we could change out the cover to match but that didn't work.  Ava doesn't seem to care and is estactic to have a seat like Carli's.  These seats are their Daddy's truck.  The car still has them both in the 5 point harness seats but they are working on wearing me down to let them start using the seat belts.

It was Wednesday so after church we had a mini celebration with Grammy, Pa, Uncle Tone and Deborah at Dairy Queen.  I think Pa bought her french fries and ice cream this time.  :)  And then she got to open presents.  She got a beautiful Hello Kitty watch and a cute summer outfit.  Uncle Tone gave her some Busy Town DVDs for the car - and they have been watching them ever since!  It is a nice break from Frozen.

We celebrated Ava's birthday as a family on Thursday.  We started the day off signing papers at our house closing.  And then went to Chick-fil-a for an early lunch and some play time.  Then Daddy had to go to work so the girls and I ran home for our swimming gear before going to Discovery Science Center to play some more.  Then it was off to the mall for a quick snack of a cookie - per the birthday girl's request and bought a couple new swim suits for swimming lessons.  We go out to swim lessons but they had been canceled, oops!  So we went and had some pedicure's instead.  We ended our birthday celebration day eating at Taco Bueno after Daddy got off of work and then took the girls home and promptly put the two tired little ones to bed! 

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