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Friday, October 24, 2008

We Survived!!

Well, Carli and I did it! We survived our first full week by ourselves. Still no schedule, but I don't think babies have schedules! ha!

Carli has changed so much in just three weeks! I am not sure how much she weighs now, but we went to the hospital last night to see our friends Adam and Kari Tyer who just had their little girl - Allie. Allie weighed almost the same as Carli did - 8 lbs 5 oz and was a half inch longer. We took a picture of the girls together - look how much bigger Carli looks compared to Allie! Wow - they sure grow fast! (Yes, Carli is still wearing those mittens, b/c I have yet to get the courage to cut her finger nails!)

And while we were at the hospital, it just happened that our favorite nurse was on duty! So we got a picture of Carli with her favorite nurse, Jamie. Jamie was the nurse that was with us the day Carli was born.

This week Carli is starting to track things with her eyes. She still isn't much for laying on the floor for long periods of times, she prefers to cuddle with someone. But the other day, she did lay on her boppy and stare at her little gym for a good 20 minutes. She grunted and squealed at it the whole time...but when she was done, she definitely let me know!

Whitety Tighty decided that Carli had a good idea with the boppy - so when Carli was done, WT gave it a try!

And finally - like Mother like Daughter. Carli sleeps on this little wedge thing that helps her stay a little elevated and that is suppose to help with her breathing and is a SIDS preventative. Pretty much any time we go get her to wake her up to eat, this is what we find. She is a squirmer! Her head should be at the top of the picture, and where her head is in this picture is where her little butt should be! She does have a hard time waking up - it seriously takes her a good 30-45 minutes to wake herself up. I napped with her yesterday and watched her. She stretches, groans, wiggles, barely opens one eye and starts it all over again. 30-45 minutes of that! And when she finally does wake up - she is starving! After all, it is hard work!

We have a big wkd planned. Keith and I are going to go early vote in the morning (we figured we would be up anyhow). Then we are going to do some yardwork before heading down to Alto to see Grammy, Pa, Grandma and Pawpaw. Then we are being brave on Sunday and going to go to church! Wish us luck!!

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Amanda said...

It's honestly hard for me to imagine you as a mother! :) I can't wait to see you in action though. She's precious.

Larissa Smith said...

You're doing great! You sound like motherhood agrees with you and Carli is trying to make that a little easier on you. If you get stir crazy any day, it was sometimes nice to go drive through somewhere for lunch, just to see the world a bit, or go walk at the mall. I remember indulging in a cup of coffee and a stroll lots of times, plus it helped me gain confidence in taking her places by myself, and Shaye got much better at sleeping in her carseat. Win-win.

At church, just remember that very few people actually mind a baby crying for a minute, so don't run out the door at the first whimper - you'll wear yourself out. You can do it! Wish we could meet her in person, but the pictures are great for now!