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Friday, October 19, 2012

Pumpkin Carving with Uncle Tone

 This is the first year we have actually come home with pumpkins from the pumpkin patch.  I was debating about letting the girls take to them with paint or markers and not really even try to carve them.  I think the last time I got close to carving a pumpkin was in college, at a Halloween party and I'm pretty sure I was on clean up duty.  :)

But Uncle Tone came to the rescue when he volunteered to come carve the pumpkins for the girls.  He far exceeded their expectations of a pumpkin with triangle eyes, square nose and a rectangle mouth!  It was pretty entertaining evening.  The girls never cease to amaze me by their unpredictability.  I would have guessed Ava would have been all over helping with the pumpkins, but it was Carli who was Uncle Tone's helper.

At first the prospect of cleaning out the pumpkins was not very appealing to either girl, but Carli eventually came around to help out.

Ava, the other hand, decided that "Baby" needed to swing so she busied herself entertaining the doll.

Carli would go off and play and come back to check on Uncle Tone's progress.  If he needed anything, she would quickly volunteer to help out...

Helping Uncle Tone tape on the template.

Supervising Uncle Tone's carving technique... 

We had to stop mid-carving to grab some dinner.  But after dinner Uncle Tone finished up the first of the two pumpkins and Carli was so happy!


Carli's Cinderella Pumpkin
"Well Uncle Tone, her dress isn't blue, but she is still pretty!"

It was getting way past bedtime and so we left Uncle Tone to his specialty and got the girls ready for bed.  We even came into the dining room to do our Bible Reading and prayers with Uncle Tone.  Then we sent Ava to bed...she was melting down on us and Carli helped Uncle Tone finish up the second princess pumpkin.

She was amazed that it looked like Snow White! 

The finished pumpkins!  I think Uncle Tone did an AMAZING job and the girls, especially Carli, absolutely enjoyed having Uncle Tone over to their house!  Thanks Uncle Tone for helping create such awesome memories!

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