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Sunday, October 7, 2012

Family Pics from Carli's Birthday

Carli was very blessed to have lots of her friends come to her party.  She also got to enjoy getting to see lots of family who came to celebrate with her as well!  I was bummed that we did not get a picture with Uncle Andy, Aunt Chelle and Logan.  I didn't think to get family pics until the end of the night and they had already left.  I have a new mission....

My Great Aunt Olene and Great Uncle Cloyce came from Lufkin to Carli's party.  This would be Carli's great-great aunt and uncle.  How awesome is that?  They had to leave early in order to get home before it got too late so I missed that picture too.  I was very honored that they were able to come and help us celebrate Carli's birthday. 

Here are some pictures of Carli's family that I did remember to take!

Cousin Isabella is actually Carli's second cousin.  Her mom is Keith's cousin.  Her Grandma, is Naggy's sister.  Isabella lives near Rockwall and came to Carli's party with her Grandma and Grandpa (Crazy Aunt Sarah and Uncle Robert.)  The girls had a lot of fun playing with Isabella!  Carli keeps saying, "I like this Isabella, she is a lot nicer than the Isabel at school!"

Uncle Robert, Aunt Sarah and the girls.

Carli really wanted Grandma to come to her party.  We owe lots of thanks to Aunt Betty, Uncle Cleaon, Uncle Tone, Grammy and Pa for all the driving they did in order to get Grandma to the party.  Carli was so happy Grandma was there.  The girls do love their Grandma so much!!

Kisses for Grandma

Uncle Tone got to come to Carli's party too!  The past two years Uncle Tone wasn't able to come b/c of law school, but now he is done with law school and back home so we are being spoiled to get to see him a whole lot more!  This is pretty much what the girls do to Uncle Tone every time they see him...they climb!

Pa and Grammy!  Carli is very lucky to have her Grammy and Pa get to be an active part of her life!

Uncle Kevin and Aunt Megan with the girls.  A HUGE thanks to Uncle Kevin for his help in getting the bouncer for the girls.  They were so excited to see Uncle Kevin and Aunt Megan when they walked through the door!

The girls with Naggy and Pappy.  We love technology because it allows us to not only get to talk to Naggy and Pappy but we get to see them a lot!  Yes, that would be two sets of grandparents that are actively involved in Carli's little life...huge blessing!
A very rare family picture before church!
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