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Friday, October 5, 2012

Carli's Party

We had Carli's Fourth Birthday Party last Saturday.  Keith and I don't get to watch TV much, especially not the news.  The week before Carli's party we spent frantically trying to finish the dollhouse we were fixing up as well as get things together for her party.  So when Naggy and Pappy came on Friday and we heard a snippet of the weather forecast that it would be raining all weekend, we had to go to Plan B...which we didn't have so we winged it.  :)

Originally we were going to have an outside party.  We had bought a bouncer off Craigslist that Uncle Kevin had jumped through hoops to get for us in time and then we had the swing set and lots of room to run around and wear a lot of little kids out!  But with the forecast of rain all day Saturday we had to rethink.  So we moved most of the furniture out of the living room - had an impromptu "fall cleaning" and found all sorts of lost balls and toys under the couch - and pushed what seating we had left against the walls.  We brought in a small climbing cube from outside, fresh from a good washing by the rain and hoped the kiddos would have fun playing in the playroom.  Uncle Kevin brought the bouncer and we sit it up out on the porch.  We survived.  :)

For decorations we made balloon towers to put in front of the mantel, to hide that we haven't finished it yet.  :) Then we made a punch board and put numbered cookies in each hole.  Thanks to our friend Sarah for making and decorating the cookies for us!  On the invitations we asked the kids to bring a wrapped book for a book swap instead of a present.  This was one of my favorite parts of the party!  We put a number on each book as it was brought in.  Then each kid would pick a hole to punch out, the number on the cookie inside was the number on the book they got to unwrap.  I think everyone enjoyed getting to take something home with them.

In all we had at least 17 kids at the party.  We had no ice cream or brownies left and only five cupcakes.  The kids just sat on the floor and ate their food - there wasn't much they could do to my rug that it hadn't already suffered.  But there were no major spills or accidents, to which I was surprised and happy about! 

Carli did have some presents to open.  Her gift from Keith and I was the dollhouse that was mine as a kid.  My Grandfather had built it for me when I was five.  Keith and I redid it.  It now has new wallpaper, some tile, wood and carpet floors and the outside has a really neat paint job on it.  More on that in a later post.

Logan was so excited to give Carli his gift.  They are so cute together.  Logan gave her a new Barbie and Aunt Chelle and Uncle Andy gave Carli some cute new clothes (for which her Momma is very thankful for!).  These two are so cute together!!

Her Grammy and Pa gave Carli a handmade rug for her new dollhouse as well as some new dolls and a car to play with her dollhouse.  Naggy and Pappy gave Carli some school clothes, a puzzle book and some kitchen gear for the dollhouse.  Aunt Megan and Uncle Kevin gave Carli a new Nike warm up suit and some color wander markers and coloring sheets.  They did not want to leave Ava out, so she got a matching Nike suit too!  They are pretty stinkin' cute!

Carli had some friends that couldn't not give her a gift on her birthday which was okay.  :)  Her friend Kenzie gave her a neat little beautician doll thing.  Not sure what else to call it, but the girls have really enjoyed fixing the hair on the doll!  Her friend Lizzie brought Carli a new Brave book, just for Carli.  :)

Two of Carli's good friends, Allie and Kenzie

We had a great time at the party.  I think everyone else did too.  Carli was so happy to have all her friends come.  We didn't sing Happy Birthday to her, because she asked us not too.  She did  let us sing her Happy Birthday on her actual birthday though. 

I had to include this picture, because Uncle Kevin is a lot like Keith when it comes to the girls.  He pretty much does whatever they ask him to do.  When it comes to coloring, they all take this task very seriously!  :)

Thank you to all who were able to come out and make Carli's birthday celebration a success.  She is very blessed to have some many friends and family! 

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