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Monday, October 29, 2012

Oak Tree Academy Fall Festival

The girls school had a fall festival last week.  I have discovered that I kind of like sewing so the girls and I picked out some fabric for some Halloween skirts.  It took me about two hours to make each skirt.  They maybe my new favorites.  :) 

 Anyway, the girls each went out to the festival at different times, so I got to hang out with Ava first.  She played a few games and ate some snacks but really wanted me to go play on the play ground with her!

 They had a miniature trick horse (or unicorn) that put on a little show for the kids.  The was really cute!  Ava kept telling ppl that a pink horse came to her school!

They also had a 2 week old baby miniature horse.  It was so cute!  Ava thought we should be able to bring it home.  She would hold it in the car while I drove!

Ava with some of her classmates and teacher on the hayride.

After Ava's class went to play on the playground, Carli's class came out to enjoy the festival.  She and her friend Shiloh are in a class full of little boys!  Ms. Donna has her hands full!

 Carli enjoyed playing the games and really liked petting the baby duck!

This is the only kind of decent picture I got with Carli and her friend Shiloh.

Carli finally agreed to get on the hay ride - she was so excited about it!  ha! 

The whole time I was with Carli's class, Ava was on the playground screaming and crying b/c I guess she thought she should be with Carli and I.  As soon as her teacher would get her to calm down we would have to walk right by the playground to go to the next little area and it would get her upset again.  By the time I left, she was hiccuping sobs and was so pitiful.  :(  I guess that means she really loves me though!  When we got her from school, she was fine and her teacher said she calmed down as soon as they got back to their classroom.  Pros and Cons of going to school events I guess...

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