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Monday, February 25, 2008

It's Official

We are having a baby! Yep, it's official. We went to the doctor - they did a sonogram and there is a baby in there. Apparently a very active little baby. According to the doctor, last week I was really only 9 weeks along - so technically I am at 10 weeks today. I was disappointed b/c I was hoping to get past that 12 week mark so the morning sickness would go away - but alas I will have at least 2 more weeks.

Here are the first pictures of our baby:

Our doctor appointment was last Tuesday, but it took me this long to post b/c I have been sick. Seems I picked up some kind of strain of the flu virus when I went to the ER the week before. Maybe I will squeeze in all the sickness into the first trimester and the rest will go by with a lot less havoc! I've successfully lost 10 lbs since finding out I was pregnant. Strange since I feel like I am eating all the time, but I can't eat a lot b/c it makes me sick and I can't not eat it b/c that makes me sick. Shew. It's a no win situation.

Keith and I went to Tucson this weekend with my parents for our annual board meeting with EM America. Talk about a challenge to not let on that I felt like I was ready to throw up at any minute! It was a bit tough, since meetings tend to revolve around food. I think I did okay. It will be a relief to tell our parent this wkd. I really don't think my Mom will be surprised, but we are thinking that Tessie will cry. I wish we had a video camara!

So, now we are trying to come up with the best way to tell both sets of parents at once...too bad this blog isn't public yet so we could get some ideas from our friends! I am going to make little "pregnancy announcements" with the sonogram pictures to send to our extended family and close friends. I think that that will be kind of cool - hope people don't think it is too impersonal.

Only four more days til we tell!!

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