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Sunday, November 30, 2014

Rockwall Thanksgiving

We flew into Dallas with Naggy & Pappy on Friday night.  When we got to our hotel the girls insisted on staying with Naggy & Pappy in their room but after we had a bite of dinner Ava changed her mind and opted to come sleep with Momma and Daddy.  We warned Naggy about sleeping with Carli but apparently she didn't hear us.  Carli flails widely about in her sleep and Naggy had a pretty sore nose on Saturday morning.  Ava slept between Keith and I and was so cute going to sleep.  She cuddles up right next to you and seriously looks like a little angel.  But once she is in a deep sleep she seriously moves every 15 minutes.  I think she turned circles all night.  I'd reach over and pull her off Keith's back just to have her upside down the next time I woke up.  Keith swears she walked on his back all night!  Needless to say all the adult Hays' were quite exhausted come Saturday morning.  The girls on the other hand were quite chipper and ready to go see their cousins!

We had our annual Thanksgiving get together with Tessie's siblings in Rockwall on Saturday.  There was quite a good group of us and it was nice to get to visit with everyone!  The kids had a blast.  Last year at this gathering Ava broke her wrist.  We knocked on wood that things would go much better this year.  About an hour after getting to the house Carli fell down the stairs.  It was quite an acrobatic feat that she did not hurt herself terribly.  She managed to catch herself on the railing and stop her fall but in the process slammed her face against the railing so we came home with a slight black eye.  It required not doctor's visits or x-rays so we call it a win.

The kids taking turns and applauding each other on the trampoline.  Yes, we live dangerously...no netting.  :)

It was a great day but we all had to leave around 3 or 4 to get home  decent hour.  We managed to get some semi decent shots with Uncle Kevin, Aunt Megan, Naggy & Pappy...

But someone broke the news it was time to leave so our family shot turned into quite a few tears and well, not a very good picture.  :)
I am pretty sure the tears and sobs as we put the girls in the car broke Naggy & Pappy's hearts.  Maybe one day we will get them to East Texas.  :)  We can wish...

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