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Saturday, November 29, 2014

Shauntea & Her Elves

Shauntea has been making her appearance the Sunday after Thanksgiving for the past two years.  Since we were out of town this year and we had moved, it was obvious we were going to need a little help to get things ready for Shauntea's annual visit.  So we called in back up.  Uncle Tone and Holli really did an amazing job helping Shauntea get settled in while we were out of town.  They went all out and it was so awesome to see the girls reactions.  We may owe Uncle Tone and Holli dinner for this one - they did so much more than we could have ever imagined!

We were gone all week, they came and got things ready last Sunday and sent us teaser pictures!  Their only request was for us to please record the girls reaction...done!

The girls were completely unaware that it was time for Shauntea to make her appearance.  We got in from being gone for the last eight days and they were just excited to be home.  It kind of took a minute for them to notice a note from Santa Clause on the fireplace!

Dear Carli & Ava

The reindeer & I stopped by to drop off Shauntea.  You weren't here!  Something about a turkey & snow in Amarillo?  Shauntea learned so much from you girls last Christmas but like all of us she still has much to learn!

Lately she has not had a Godly attitude when doing the things she is suppose to!  Mrs. Clause and I thought you girls could help her again!  She is still a sneaky little elf so we need you to remind her of the type of attitude Jesus would want her to have when doing what is right!  Remember she only comes to life at night!  So keep an eye on her!

The reindeer and I helped her with some decorating.  We hope you enjoy it!  We also apologize for the mess of magic on the floor.  We were in a hurry to get back and idnd't have time to sweep it up.

Remember you only have until Christmas Eve to show her attitudes like Jesus!

Love -

Santa Clause

P.S. I left on surprise for you in the kitchen and another surprise in your bathroom, quick go see!

The level of excitement almost went through the roof while Keith read the letter from Santa.  The girls could barely contain themselves.  They ran to the kitchen and burst in to giggles at the sight of their countdown til Christmas...how did Santa know they loved pink and purple?!

Then it was off to the races to see what was in their bathroom.  They came to a screaming stop at their bedroom door.  Their Momma was so kind as to make them stop and take a picture of Shauntea's amazing décor work.

And finally, they opened the door.  Carli literally went to her knees in disbelief.  It was awesome.  :)

After admiring their Christmas tree and curly-q candy canes hanging from their lamps, they turned their attention to the bathroom...and that's where they finally found their elf!


Wow. The girls were completely surprised and so excited to have Shauntea back.  It was an awesome evening!  But then it dawned on them what a big mess Shauntea had made with all her magic so they got their brooms out and went to work.  At one point Carli yelled out:  Shauntea, use your magic to clean up this mess!  Awe man, it didn't work!  :)

 We cannot thank Uncle Tone and Holli enough for all their help with Shauntea!  We wish you could have been a fly on the wall to have seen the girls reactions.  Instead, maybe the links to YouTube videos below will suffice.  Thank you again - a million times over!

Christmas Elf 1
Christmas Elf 2

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